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Gaining authority and search engine rankings on a website requires the right decision-making in a multitude of areas. While many people focus on off-page optimization, spending an equal amount of time with on-page SEO is just as essential and beneficial.

Optimize Your Images

It is imperative to take advantage of every chance you have to better your SEO, which means optimizing just about everything, including images. All it takes to do this is using both ALT and title tags, which are used to describe an image. Fortunately, doing this is also an act of search engine optimization, and you can extend this further by having a keyword-targeted image name, as well.

Utilize Geotagging

While Geotagging may not be very common on websites, this is an opportunity that many local businesses miss out on, generally due to a lack of knowledge. Modern mobile devices use geotags to bring targeted results to searchers. For instance, trying to find a chain restaurant becomes easy with the use of geotags because a mobile device can detect where the searcher is, which will help them find a nearby restaurant, as opposed to one that is hundreds of miles away.

Start Using Social Media

A simple way to get multiple benefits from search engine optimization is by using social media. Not only will you have an improvement in SEO because you use social media platforms, but you will also have an extremely effective way to communicate with your customers.

Eliminate Broken Links

Broken links can be harmful to any website. Search engines do not like to see errors or missing pages, so eliminating them must be prioritized to prevent your other SEO efforts from being effective.

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