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Social media marketing campaigns are easy to manage at first. You have few accounts, few followers, and just enough content to keep your page active.

As your campaign matures, it gets harder to keep under control. At some point, you’ll realize that you don’t have enough time to interact with followers, create content, and monitor brand mentions all on your own.

Using social CRM and automated marketing is the best way to make your campaign scalable and your efforts sustainable. Here’s how you can simplify your strategy:

Add social media data to your CRM

Social CRM helps add several new facets to your marketing campaign. This TechTarget article goes over some of the most important factors:

“Probably the most desired aspect of social CRM functionality, sales and marketing support, includes a range of important features: lead generation, marketing insights by customer and region, identification of potential customers, audience profiling, and sales and marketing-specific customer engagement and feedback.”

The more followers you have, the harder it is to keep track of their position in the sales funnel. By adding their data to your CRM, you can stay organized and keep leads advancing towards the bottom.

Manage multiple accounts

Pretty much any business that practices social media marketing will open multiple accounts. It’s tricky, time-consuming, and maybe not even worth the effort to manage them individually.

With social CRM, you can manage multiple accounts with one interface. This makes it easy to post content on multiple pages and go through all of your inboxes at once.

Schedule messages

Consistency is key to any marketing campaign, but it’s especially important in the case of social media. Many campaigns have failed simply because the marketer forgot to keep posting and sharing content.

By scheduling your messages ahead of time, you can make sure that your page is sufficiently active. It’s good insurance in case you forget to post one week. Any extra content you share with followers is the icing on the cake.

Interact with followers

Sometimes you’ll need to send personal messages to followers. Social CRM lets you do this right on the platform without having to switch to the browser. In this long-run, this saves you time and helps you manage your inboxes better.

Practice social listening

One of the most effective social media marketing practices is to listen to your audience. According to this MarTech Advisor article, this is in many ways better than conducting market research:

“This enables Social Listening to jump from inception to insights in a matter of weeks. Insights gleaned from this research are fresh and timely. They can also be a cost-effective alternative to traditional research, especially in niche and rare communities where recruitment can be difficult. The internet’s ability to connect disparate individuals into a mutual location affords researchers access to many difficult to recruit consumer cohorts.”

It’s possible that followers are saying everything you need to know openly on social media. Social CRM helps you monitor these conversations so that you can get a better understanding of how consumers perceive your brand. By practicing social listening, you’ll save time and money and learn how to connect with followers better.

Follow your competitors

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. There’s plenty of room for you and your competitors to coexist on social media, but it helps to know what they’re doing and whether it’s working. You’ll either pick up some new techniques or more importantly, learn what not to do. Social CRM makes it easy to keep track of what your competitors are up to on social media.

Social media marketing is only as complicated as you make it out to be. To talk more about automated marketing and CRM, contact us today.

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