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Your company’s life depends on successful marketing and customer management. If you are hitting all your targets consistently, then you are doing it all correctly. However, it takes a lot of time and effort for managers to handle both in a day and not miss something.

This is especially true if you are using two different platforms for your CRM and marketing. You have to mentally coordinate both functions, so they successfully dovetail with each other. This is tedious and not efficient. In fact, it’s a great recipe for burn-out.

Put Marketing And CRM At Your Fingertips

The solution is to integrate both marketing and CRM together, on one platform. TieiT allows you to manage your customers, sales staff, and automate much of your marketing from one dashboard.

TieiT is a single platform, multi-tasking management system enabling you to manage the smallest details of your marketing, while also allowing you to step back and get the ‘big picture.’

From one dashboard you can:

  • Manage customer accounts, including collecting payments
  • Manage web leads and add them to your CRM
  • Create e-mail marketing campaigns with automation
  • Send quotes, payment reminders, and custom invoices
  • Establish multiple payment solutions
  • Tailor marketing campaigns with a landing page builder
  • Manage your social media posting schedule
  • Track sales and sales staff
  • Integrate with other CRM apps
  • Track lead behavior

This is only a small sample of how TieiT simplifies your day and frees up time for other projects, or maybe, to go home early.

So, how are you going to increase your sales? TieiT ensures your marketing campaigns begin on time, targeted to the right customers, offering something for their stated interest. You won’t be in the dark about pending deals, know the sales people to reward and who to help, and customers are more connected.

Integrating your CRM software with marketing automation promotes efficiency across the board through live-updating cross-divisional synchronization. It prevents unnecessary manual duplication of information that can quickly turn obsolete due to delayed record-keeping. And because it saves your marketing and sales team’s time, money, and effort, they will be free to focus more effectively on their common goal: making sales.

Schedule a consultation with MaaS Pros to learn how you can simplify your day while increasing your brand. See why so many companies have partnered with us and remained customers.




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