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As 2014 speeds along so does the growth of Video marketing. Our world is quickly changing and with new ideas being presented to us all the time in the realm of technology, the digital based advertising world is exploding. You may be considering increasing your video marketing expenditure and that could be a great decision. To get the most out of your money you will want to use some of the new approaches that will lead to further growth in the video marketing industry.


How We Will Continue To See Video Marketing Grow


To get the most out of video marketing, companies will take a cross screen approach. This means spreading advertising over TV, mobile, and web mediums.


Companies will begin to pull money from other places in their advertising budget and will place more of this money into video marketing.


Creativity will become a key factor, as micro-video platforms become a popular forum for brands to get their message out there. Sites such as Vine, Instagram, and Tumblr will become great platforms for companies to experiment with.


Smart watches and Google glass will bring a new way for advertisers to get their video marketing seen, the challenge will be working out what consumers of these new screens are looking for.


Video marketing will see a flood of new buyers come on to the video marketing scene. This is due to the fact that video marketing has seen a steady growth pattern over the past 3 years, these growth patterns don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.


Mobile video marketing is seeing the biggest surge with a study from Adap.tv’s showing that 70 percent of agency video buyers are buying mobile video. This is a big jump from 2010, when the number was closer to 40 percent.


The clear line that now marks TV and online video will start to be erased, viewers will start watching a show on TV, then finish it up on their smartphone. Video marketing will need to adjust to this disappearing line and start to understand exactly which consumers are watching at what time and on what medium.


We should see new ways to measure audience response when it comes to video marketing being used across different mediums. This has been a downfall in the industry, as there really has not been a successful way to measure which type of ads are attracting audiences.


Social networking platforms will continue to play a big part in getting a company’s video marketing campaigns viewed by millions. Once a marketing campaign begins, using social networking can make all the difference when it comes to consumer impact.


 Overall we should continue to see growth in the video marketing space through the end of 2014 and into 2015. If you have questions on how video marketing could help your business, contact us at MaasPROS.


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