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Internet connection speeds are growing faster. The numbers and types of data access, such as tablets and smartphones, are increasing. Both factors are responsible for the growing use of video as a marketing tool. You want to try it out, if only to keep up with your competitors, who all have short films on their sites.


However, it looks like a professionally produced video production can cost thousands of dollars and entail hours of planning. Fortunately, by using these tips, you can try video marketing out at little to no cost to see if it works for you.


Use what you have. You, your employees, or your family members most likely already have video capture devices on your smart phones, tablets, laptops, or webcams. Use this equipment to create your videos and you won’t have to spend a dime. Do not worry about quality at this point. The lack of polish only adds authenticity to your production.


Demonstrate something useful to your customers. If you want people to watch what you make, try to solve a problem that they have. Your effort can only be peripherally related to your products and services. For example, if you sell cutting boards, talk about the best way to peel and chop an onion.


Keep it short and self-contained. Do not ramble on for hours. Cover a short topic that takes no more than three minutes to explain. If your video runs any longer, your viewers are likely to skip it. End with a description of your contact information, which may be as simple as a shot of your business card.


Upload your video to YouTube. This site is the easiest and most convenient way to distribute what you make. In addition, most people are already familiar with the site. Post a link back to your company web pages in the video description.


Tell your current customers about your video by posting links to it in your blog, email newsletters, and website. Publish a video regularly so customers will have a reason to return to your site or YouTube channel.


If you want more help with video marketing or want other ways to call attention to your business, please check out our free eBook or contact us.


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