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Black-hat techniques like keyword stuffing, link exchanges and fake customer reviews are frowned upon with search engines.  With Panda, Penguin and the everyday updates there’s no room for cheaters.  The best way and the only way to maintain a mobile presence is to get visitors naturally.  The following is not set-it-and forget-it strategies.  It will take time for results and will have to be done regularly.


Social Networks


The popularity of social media forced small businesses and corporations to migrate there.  With a market filled with potential buyers it was a change too tempting to pass up.  What can businesses do to get involved?  Post useful information, promote the company, read feedback, engage in conversation, handle negative press and start the process over.  This repetitive motion has created buyer after buyer.  Never use social media as constant promotion and never let the page remain stationary.  Get on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  Delete the ones that aren’t working and focus more on the ones that do.


Press Release


It’s a great way to get the word out about your products or services.  Use this press release to highlight your Mobile compatible websites, what it has to offer and what makes it stand out.  Make sure the press release is worth highlighting; otherwise it won’t get the reaction you’re looking for.  It would be especially helpful to use journalist connections so they can write one for you and/or place the press release on their page.


Written Content


Articles are popular.  With so many of them out there your job is to create original and quality content; a one-of-a-kind article that has information in it that’s nowhere else online.  Write content for the website and create a company blog.  Write articles for the blog.  Include an article about the mobile website.  Add a new article once a week to keep readers coming back.  Utilize well-researched, thought-provoking information that reaches the top of search engines.


Web Directories


It may be out of style, but it’s still a good way to get the word out.  Go to the most popular directories.  Submit the company name in the category that best fits the company’s industry.  Submit to more than one, but submit to the ones that garner traffic.  Make sure your mobile site is listed in the mobile category.




Email signature is more than just a name these days.  It’s a way to brand yourself and the company by making a statement.  Along with your name, add the company, the website, social media links, email address and phone numbers of contact.  Business cards should have the same signature on them.  Add it to social media websites and your mobile site as well.


There’s no way around it.  Slow and steady wins the race.  There’s no magic formula or special ingredient.  Stop looking.  This is the only way your mobile site will thrive.  Contact us for more information on organic search engine results, SEO and web traffic.


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