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If your sales are falling short of your expectations, you may have an inefficient sales process. That is, it produces low conversions at different steps along the sales funnel, and protracts the average time required to convert leads into customers. Here are three possible inefficiencies:



Inefficient Handling of Leads That Reduce Conversion Rates

From the moment a lead expresses interest by responding to your form or answering your email, the clock is ticking. Her interest in your offer drops off substantially with each passing hour that you delay contacting her. Lengthy delays can happen when there’s no system in place that immediately alerts you when a prospect requires your attention.

Another inefficiency is failing to stay in touch with leads who stopped communicating after their first contact with you. It’s a mistake to write them off because some leads require more ‘nurturing’ than others. Send a series of emails containing information about your services as well as information useful to your prospects. This will keep you in their minds and possibly compel some to contact you with further inquiries. Without this ongoing contact, most of these people will move on and forget about your offer.

Old School Email Marketing Methods

Because no two people are identical, mass mailings of the same content to everyone on your email list produce poor response rates. This may have worked two decades ago when email was a novelty but a more targeted approach is required today. You should segment your email list according to their behaviors such as the emails they opened and the links clicked within each email. Each segment should be sent content written to address their specific interests or needs.

Too Many Manual Processes

Manual methods are both time and labor intensive. They slow down your response time to your prospect’s inquiries such as a request for a price quote or estimate. A prospect who asks for a quote has likely asked for quotes from your competitors as well. If it takes days for your company to send a quote, the prospect may choose to do business with a company that responded more quickly. This isn’t necessarily done out of impatience but because your prospect has time constraints of his own.

TieiT, an automated marketing and CRM software, provides the tools you’ll need to efficiently handle your leads, personalize your interactions, increase conversions, and shorten your sales cycle. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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