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If your company relies on local business to succeed, your main focus should be increasing your number of customers by keeping existing ones around and obtaining new ones through various methods.

Diversifying your advertising methods is the key to success, so branching out with local marketing services and targeting multiple avenues to gain exposure to your business will make it easier to succeed.

Target Neighborhood-Specific Keywords

Organic traffic is a reliable source of potential customers, especially when you continuously strengthen your website, thus improving your current rankings or maintaining your top ones. Oftentimes, businesses attempt to target keywords for the city they work in, and while this makes sense, this generally comes with a lot more competition than a new website can handle.

Ideally, targeting neighborhood-specific keywords is the best because it comes with less competition, and since they are highly targeted keywords, they are more likely to result in new business.

Complete Your Google+ Local Page

More likely than not, your business is listed on Google+ Local. With how many online visitors use Google to search for local businesses, you should definitely take the time to fill out your Google+ Local page.

It is imperative to provide accurate information, along with a detailed description. If you are interested in incorporating social media to your local marketing efforts, you should consider upgrading to Google+ Business as this will give you more capabilities on your Google+ page that people see.

Request or Reward for Reviews

Before a person goes out to dinner, makes a purchase, or pays for professional service, looking up reviews can help to ensure they have a positive experience, as opposed to hoping they made the right decision.

In order to make people feel confident and comfortable with using your business, request that your customers write a review online for others to see. Since asking for reviews does not always work, you can provide a financial incentive to write a review, such as with providing a future discount, or even giving a gift card to a previous customer when they write a review and show you.

Local marketing comes in many forms, and each way has its own path to success.

If you want help with your local marketing efforts, contact us today.

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