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Blogging started out as a way for anyone with any level of writing ability to put up something on the Internet. Some blogs have become niche icons. Others have fallen into obscurity as their bloggers have lost interest in updating the blogs on a regular basis. Business blogging, on the other hand, can have multiple purposes. Although it sounds deceptively simple, it is quite the opposite.

Your Blog Needs a Purpose

Sure, you want to connect with current customers and consumers who may have some interest in your product or service. That said, there are secondary purposes that only an expert in the field will know how to address.

The Search Engine Angle

It is a well-known fact that the higher your website ranks in the search engine results, the more eyeballs will see you. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is something that a skilled blogger can incorporate into your daily, weekly or monthly posts. It is a little tool that proves to search engines that your site is relevant for certain search terms. While stuffing keywords anywhere on your site is a major turn-off, posting regular blogs that feature one or more targeted terms is common and accepted.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Niche

Regularly blogging about your niche – whether it is real estate, auto auctions or health care – puts you in the driver seat with respect to the creation of an online persona. When you have a skilled blog writer who knows your industry and has superior writing skills, your company quickly becomes a recognized authority in your field.

Get Visitors to Your Website

There is another reason why blogging is a necessity for today’s business: getting more website visitors. Expertly crafted blog titles are the type of link candy that causes folks to get curious and to click through just to see what you have to say on the issues. Others, who love the idea of viewing videos, will appreciate blogs that incorporate videos into their posts. Moreover, your posts can be a mix of funny business anecdotes, tutorials, handy consumer advice, advertising and company announcements.

By the way, when your company is very active on social media, blogging becomes even more essential. Plenty of posts are shared across Facebook and Twitter because they offer a broad appeal to multiple demographics. So, is your company blogging with a purpose? If not,contact us for some tips or read through our eBook for solid advice.

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