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Mobile marketing is one of the best strategies that any business can use to connect with on-the-go consumers. This is a tool that more and more businesses are embracing today given that mobile devices are gaining popularity.


Forbes highlights that business owners are working toward making their sites mobile friendly. This comes after Morgan Stanley analysts, reported that, by 2015, mobile phone will surpass desktop usage. Ways through which business can ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly is by creating application software for mobiles, using responsive web designs or building a mobile version of their site.


Email marketing is an integral part of mobile and Internet marketing. A business can send emails to consumers alerting them on new brands as well as offers or any other information that is relevant to buyers. Subscriptions also ensure that consumers do not miss out on any deals a business has to offer.


Customers do mind how emails appear on mobile phones as compared to on desktop browsers. Therefore, a company has to ensure that their emails are appealing to the consumers’ eyes. A recent study by Forrester and Blue Hornet revealed that 18% of customers unsubscribe while 70% delete mobile emails if they do not look good.


Other than mobile emails, a business can make use of text messages to advertise their products and services. Nowadays, the number of people that use text messengers such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is increasing exponentially. The secret to successful text messaging marketing is instant response. Customers should be provided with the details they need when they need them.


Creating mobile compatible websites is also vital in mobile marketing. A firm’s website should be such that consumers on the go can access it. A website is not mobile friendly just because visitors can type in the address on their mobile browser and arrive at that page. Rather, a mobile compatible website is one which appears neat and not too muddled up. According to Forbes, “some experts argue that the trend towards the mobile web necessitates a complete re-working of an existing ‘non mobile-centri’ content strategy.” However, this is not always the case.


With an eBook that provides ensuing guidelines on how to be successful in online marketing, firms will be able to increase revenues and profits by implementing the above and other mobile marketing strategies. For more details about business expansion through mobile marketing, contact us.


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