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Mobile is taking over the world. According to IDC, computer shipments in the US have dropped once again for the ninth straight quarter and mobile device shipments continued to pick up steam. The trend is not just specific to the US; Gartner research shows this is a global phenomenon. People all around the world are migrating to mobile and in order to reach them you need to be migrating to mobile marketing.

People around the world are now doing more work on their mobile devices than ever before. It is a movement to mobility that doesn’t look to reverse course or even slow down anytime soon. The ability to work anytime anywhere is a unique phenomenon that has never existed before in human history and people in almost every society are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Not only are people doing their work on mobile devices more often, they are also recreating on their mobile devices. . . even sometimes while they are “working.” This recreation covers the full scope of opportunities available to them from communication to games, social media, etc. Mobile is where they are working and playing.

Last but not least, they are shopping via mobile devices. People are not only using mobile devices to purchase non essential items via ecommerce websites, but also using mobile payment apps to purchase items during face-to-face interactions. With the onset of Near-Field Communications and now iBeacon from Apple there will be a new revolution in retail advertisement at the point of sale.

A lot of this you probably already know. So why aren’t you migrating to where your potential customers are migrating? If you had a billboard on a highway that was slowly being traveled on less and less would you continue to advertise on that highway or would you move your billboard to the road that travelers were now utilizing more and more? If you are interested in capitalizing on this global trend that IDC and Gartner both have identified as a revolutionary paradigm shift please contact us to discuss how we can improve your mobile marketing ROI and tracking clarity.

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