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Search engine optimization, website development and local marketing services are among the most vital factors that determine a successful positioning of your brand. Another major player in this setup is trendy content development.

Define Your Strategy

 Can you describe your buyer’s journey? Do you have a content flow system that works? Content marketing runs at such a fast pace that it requires a strong, well-defined process to maximize results. Thinking through the buyer’s journey and aligning your content development to that cycle is critical for success.

If content marketing is something new for your organization, invest in a content strategist. Securing help will produce an efficient game plan and channel your team’s energy toward a specific outcome. A strategist can help answer critical questions about your target audience, such as which sites they frequent, which types of media they prefer, what processes have worked in the past, and who or what is competing for their dollar. These answers can be used to develop a strategy that connects to customers and meets their needs.

Mix up the Content

Consumers are used to seeing forums, blogs and content-rich videos when browsing the Internet. It is a mistake to provide them with only one form of content on your website. No matter how good your blog posts are, if you do not offer live presentations or clever social media posts in addition, shoppers quickly move on to the nearest competitor who does. Keeping it trendy can be as simple as creating a blog post in response to a competitor’s viral video.

Stay Relevant around the Clock

If you take the weekend off, you probably miss some interesting happenings that would have made excellent forum or social media posts. Do not give your competitors the opportunity to create the Facebook meme that gets hundreds of shares. Even if you will be away from the computer and unable to generate content, consider canned posts that you can release at predetermined times of the day. It adds relevance to your brand. If all else fails, consider keeping it trendy with a well-timed Twitter post that you can expand on the following business day. Yet be careful! Plenty of entrepreneurs have gotten in over their heads in this manner.

Define Success

 What does success look like for your company? Determine what data needs to be tracked to measure outcomes. It may be the number of views, followers, leads, or something else. Once you’ve made that decision, experiment with different channels and types of media to see what works best and gets your message across to your audience.

Of the reasons given for ineffective content marketing strategies, only one is beyond your control. You can’t make it rain money or demand a larger budget, but you can control what content you create, which story you tell, and how you tell it. And that assignment is enough to keep any of us busy for a very long time.

When the notion of trendy content development is simply too burdensome to consider, get help from professionals. Do not give your competition a leg up because you did not invest in a professional content writing service that helps your website get attention. When tied in with your website development, you quickly set yourself apart from the entrepreneur who is trying to do it all (more or less successfully). Contact us at MaaS Pros to learn more.



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