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Some time ago, when keyword stuffing was all the rage, people would crank out articles that gave little to no information about a certain topic but merely used the keyword dozens of times.  Fortunately, search engines have now wised up to this trend and are actually penalizing websites that use this technique.  This doesn’t mean that you have to stop using keywords altogether if you want to get a good rating.  However, you could use a few tips and tricks to combine keywords with other SEO elements.

Use Popular Keywords in Unique Ways.  This is a great way to get your article or blog post some attention.  If you use a keyword which is trending but in a completely different way than all the other websites are using it, you’re likely to get noticed faster.  For example, if everyone is reporting about how Robert Pattinson has a new girlfriend, you could write about Robert Pattinson being spotted with a blonde or Robert Pattinson’s maturing taste in women.  This way, you’re using one popular keyword i.e., Robert Pattinson but you’re changing the second part of the title around.  Google will end up lumping together all the articles that mention Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend and yours will stand out.

Replace One Keyword with Another.  This is another great technique to get good ratings.  You may have heard that terrible nickname that Robert Pattinson was given by his fans i.e. RPatz.  Now, if you want to make your article about Robert Pattinson stand out, you could say “RPatz has new girlfriend” rather than using the full name.  RPatz may not be as popular a keyword as Robert Pattinson.  But since everyone is going to use the full name, you should try something a little different.

Be Daring.  Of course, people love sensationalist news.  But what they like even more is a little bit of personality.  If you are writing about Robert Pattinson’s new haircut and it strikes you that it looks a little like a bird’s nest, you could say so in your title.  After all, you’re merely expressing an opinion, not saying anything untrue.  You might want to stay away from too much criticism if you don’t want to alienate all of Pattinson’s fans but a wry comment or two doesn’t hurt.

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