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A landing page is the first page that a visitor will see when they click on one of the results on a search engine’s result page. It’s the page that needs to interest your viewer, ultimately encouraging them to respond to your call to action. From this page you will be able to convert the visitor into a buyer or subscriber. There are a few website development guidelines that can help you create an effective landing page. A landing page needs the following:


Statement of Purpose – A clear understanding of what you sell and why you are different. Use a carefully edited headline to make the name of your company and your products obvious. Focus the bulk of your content and advertisements above the fold.


Answers to Basic Questions – What is this? Why should I care? If the viewer doesn’t understand what you sell, they won’t care that you are offering it for sale. Have a clear and concise list of services you offer, and include price ranges or an introductory offer price. Clear questions will increase engagement and reduce your website’s bounce rates. You don’t want the viewer to click away because they don’t have enough information to perform your desired call to action.


Instructive Call to Action – Funnel the visitor into the call to action. Don’t confuse the user with too many offers. Use one and make it very clear what you want the viewer to do – whether it’s to fill out a form or click a link to the product page. The landing page is not successful if the presented message doesn’t get your desired result. You may have only a few seconds to keep a viewer engaged on your landing page before they click away. So the landing page needs to have content that will give the most clear and concise synopsis of your products.


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