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While there are many elements to consider when it comes to piquing interest and building trust with prospects, the effectiveness of your website cannot be ignored. Not only do most of your prospects visit your website before hiring you, they also use your website to judge your overall credibility and expertise. By having informative and tidy landing pages, you can make huge strides in bolstering your business’ image and improving your lead generation efforts.


For those that are unfamiliar, a landing page is another term for “lead gen form”. They usually come up after clicking on an advertisement and are designed to contain copy that is an extension of the ad. Here are some pointers for landing page optimization:


Use powerful calls to action (CTA): What action do you want your visitors to take? Do you want them to download an ebook or book an appointment? Do you want them to opt-in for an offer or visit your social media pages? Create buttons and forms with solid CTA’s that tell them what they should do.


When it comes to page layout, try to keep the primary CTA above the fold.


For longer landing pages, repeat the CTA at the end of the page.


Play with the wording. Sometimes there are huge conversion increases and declines based on   verbiage. Also avoid using gimmicky sales clichés, like “Best Sale Ever”.


Ensure CTA’s are clear and unambiguous. Use phrases like “sign up today to get your free week”, “subscribe to get a free marketing ebook”, or “schedule a free consultation”. Not “start” or “sign up”.

Use Credibility Indicators: How have people already achieved results from your service? What are they saying? Collect a strong list of quotes from customers and people who have achieved success with you and sprinkle them throughout your landing page.  


Keep it clean and simple: Don’t build landing pages that are convoluted and confusing. Eliminate navigation bars and fluff links on the page that are unneeded. Also delete unnecessary text and huge chunks of information (i.e. long paragraphs). Break information down into small, digestible pieces using subtitles and bullet points. In the bullets, highlight benefits more than the features and convey how your business will improve lives of your prospects, speaking in their language.

Don’t be redundant. Landing pages aren’t the place to rattle on they are meant to persuade people to take action.


Refrain from using pop-ups.


Monitor the Performance: So you think you have an awesome landing page? Only time will tell. After your page is published, monitor the conversion rates and click rates. It might indicate that you need to tweak the wording, tone, or layout.  


If you are looking to develop solid landing pages, these are some of the key factors that cannot be avoided!


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