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If there is one part of your website that is probably most important, it is your landing page. After all, as the name suggests, it’s where your customers land when they first arrive at your website, and their first impression is very important.

You can find a lot of advice about landing page optimization online, and a lot of these tips are good. However, if there is one main thing that you should focus on when it comes to optimizing your landing page, it’s to keep it simple.

Keep reading to a minimum. Ensure visitors get a chance to read your most important copy right off the bat. If it’s buried amongst 5 paragraphs of text, it’ll be missed. An exception to this rule would be a page designed to provide a high level of detail (such as a Book page on Amazon), but this is usually best utilized as the deep-linked “product detail” page on the target website and not on a landing page.

Nowadays, people are used to scanning when they read, not reading huge chunks of text. Some users are even on their smartphones and other similar devices, making large chunks of text even harder to read. Keeping it simple and straight to the point will help ensure that readers get to learn what your company is about rather than navigating away from the page in boredom or frustration.

Many of you are aware of the phrase “keep it simple.” Apply that same philosophy to your landing pages. A cluttered page usually results in a distracted, confused, and/or overwhelmed visitor. Instead, embrace white space, and keep the text and images on the page simple and to-the-point.

You also have to make sure that your landing page is simple and not too overwhelming, with too many graphics or links. Guide your viewers in the right direction by limiting their options. This will help you get the desired look.

Also, make sure that you keep the most important “stuff” on your landing page above the fold. If readers have to scroll down, they might never see the most important information.

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