A company blog is great for companies to reach out to their customers.  It’s a way to show customers a different side to the business.  It’s also a way to drive traffic to your website. Small and large businesses should invest in blogging.  No blog is created equal, but all blogs have the same recipe for success.  Do you want to know how to make Blogging successful?  Here’s how.

Consistency:  How often should the company blog?  It can be once a day, once a week, once every two weeks, but no longer than that.  Keep the momentum up.  The audience easily gets bored and will move on to another blog if you make them wait too long.  A good hint to know is that Google starts indexing company blogs once you have 50 posts.  Be prepared to commit to the blog frequently so visitors can find your blog and your company.

Credibility:  Company blogs are not intended to be about the company only.  Write about the industry.  Share tips and tricks with readers.  Write about things the readers are interested in.  This shows that the company is not selfish.  Even if they don’t use your products or is not interested in your services that knowledge is something that visitors can use.  At first glance sharing important information for free on the blog doesn’t feel right.  However, that blog can turn into sales because of that built fan base.

Honesty:  A fan base starts with honesty.  Honesty is that online voice that only you can create.  This ‘voice’ comes from a style of writing that is authentically you.  After all this voice is not only yours it’s the voice of the company.  Visitors need to know who you are and what the company is about.  Show that this blog came from the writer and the writer needs to show that you are employed at the company.  This leads to the next point…

No Ghostwriters:  Business executives are too busy to write a blog; many don’t have the writing prowess to write a blog either.  That’s understandable.  What’s not understandable is hiring someone else to write blog posts and pass them off as your own.  This is your blog.  Write it yourself or hire someone with company knowledge to write the blog for you.  Readers connect to the company through the blog.  No one knows the company in and out like the people that work there, and a company representative should write the blog.  A ghostwriter won’t have the same connection.  On the other hand…

Guest Blogging:  It doesn’t hurt to have your posts on another site.  Write a blog post for a company with a similar target audience in exchange for a link back to your site.  New readers will follow your work from their site to yours.  Guest blogging is also allowing a guest blogger to come in and invade the blog every once in a while.  Allow a blogger to post their work on your site.  While they may want a link back to theirs, it creates buzz about the guest blogger and people will flock to read their work.  Your site will be a hot commodity.

Get Personal:  Blogs bring a personal connection that no one else can duplicate.  Readers will get to know who you are based on what you write in a blog.  It’s a good idea to share some information about you to the blog to bridge that personal connection to readers.  That’s why it’s so important to get someone who knows the company to write the company blog.  Blogs can lead to sales because of the trust and respect of a blog.

Interaction:  A blog isn’t complete without interaction from readers.  Readers know what blog posts they like and what they don’t.  Allow a comment section at the bottom to hear the positive—and negative—of readers, and reply to them. Let readers subscribe to your blog through email subscriptions.  Have sharing buttons on every blog post.  This will allow readers to spread articles to others through social media.  Speaking of social media, engage in some social networks.  Place your blogs there so a new audience can see your work.

Write, interact, repeat; businesses must do that to climb the search engine ranks.  For most readers a blog is how they identify the business.  Use this blog to establish a foothold online.  Be sure to contact us for more information on blogging and what we can do to help.

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