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Many people think that setting up a website is just about writing the content and putting it up.  Once it has gone live, you can forget about it.  However, this is simply not true.  The internet is a growing, changing world and you need to change along with it.  When you see the trends moving in a certain direction, you need to take note and decide what your strategy is going to be with regard to content development.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to move in time with the trends.  You could also deliberately move in the opposite direction in order to highlight your uniqueness.


What Is the Tipping Point?


Consider what Malcolm Gladwell writes in his book The Tipping Point.  Gladwell researches a great many products in an effort to find out what makes a thing popular.  In doing so, he comes across what he calls the tipping point, i.e. the point at which something goes from being not-too-popular to immensely popular.  An example he gives is of hush puppies, a comfortable, casual brand of shoes which had almost gone completely out of fashion when it suddenly came back.  He points out that the process of coming back into fashion isn’t necessarily as abrupt as it looks.  The hush puppy had already started to become more popular among hipsters.  A few people who were on the cutting edge were wearing it and became responsible for its return to fashion.


Connectors and Mavens


There are many things one can consider when making a decision about products, services and content as well.  If you specialize in a certain field but it doesn’t seem to be doing too well, you could decide to just give up what you’re doing altogether, but it makes more sense to persevere in the same direction and wait for the tipping point.  Social media can also help a lot when it comes to selling your product because, as Gladwell points out, there are certain people who are really social and who connect other people and influence their ideas.  Then, there are also people that everyone turns to for information because they trust them.  If you can get one of these “connectors” or “mavens” to endorse your product, you could cross that tipping point in the blink of an eye.


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