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Market segmentation is one of the most important steps in email marketing. Without it, businesses will be sending marketing emails to uninterested and irrelevant customers outside of their target market. Market segmentation makes email marketing more efficient by sending out less emails to consumers who will be likely to open them. 


During the holiday season, marketing segmentation becomes even more important. The number of marketing emails sent increases and consumers are more likely to skip over them. If businesses send emails to customers who are unaffected by their products and services, consumers will start blocking marketing emails completely. 


When in doubt, businesses should try to narrow down their target market more. Here’s what a recent CIO article has to say about target markets in email marketing: 


“Segment your lists so that you can send targeted emails to groups of subscribers based on interests, purchase history and/or how often they’ve engaged with your past emails. The more targeted the email content and subject line, the more likely your subscribers will open it. For example, if you’re a winery, send a holiday promotion for red wines to subscribers who’ve purchased a red wine in the past.”


Market segmentation is what makes email marketing different from social media marketing. On social media, businesses are just trying to attract as many followers as possible. The more likes and shares, the better, and businesses welcome consumers of all kinds to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Email marketing is different. It costs money to send marketing emails out to subscribers. If you send out too many emails, you’re not just hurting your brand reputation, you’re also wasting money. To send effective emails, you have to narrow down the list of your subscribers. 


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