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Digital marketing is as important to your business as running a newspaper ad once was. How else would you let your target know what you had to offer. That is, increasing your web presence and creating things like a social media footprint is important to the success of your business. You don’t want to fall into the trap of being a Dinosaur, as this article on Forbes.com articulates.

The latest adopters… have traditionally been labeled “Laggards,” but in the world of SEO and social media, latecomers are plain old Dinosaurs because of the extinction-level event that is created by their inattention.

And in the coming year, digital marketing and social media will become more important than ever, according to experts like Nancy Bhagat, Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Intel who says that with the increase of personal devices and the explosion of the “Internet of things, people will be carrying, utilizing, and depending on their devices more than ever.”

But in 2014 “we need to go even further,” says Michael Brenner, Vice President of Global Marketing at SAP. “[I]f we want to break through all the noise… as brands, we need to kill promotional marketing messages and start providing customer-centric information that is helpful to our target customers.”

So where will you end up on the bell curve of adoptability? Because you certainly don’t want to be a Dinosaur in this scenario.

Seeking out opportunities to connect with your audience through website development, quality SEO, emails from your company brand for your audience that attract and keep clients, and social media can make or break you in the next year.

After all, you wouldn’t send a fax to your clients to spread the word of a new product would you? The same could be said for how you use the largest resource available to you for digital marketing: the Internet.

For more information on social media and digital marketing, please contact us. Also, don’t forget to check out our ebook, “The Essential Step-By-Step Guide To Internet Marketing.”

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