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When it comes to online marketing, no one talks about finances.  After all, it requires losing money to gain a profit.  Small businesses don’t have the financial resources larger corporations own. Until you gain a profit to use local marketing services, consider these free or almost free tips.

1. Start a blog: With free and paid options, it’s easy to start a blog. Create an interesting one related to the company and industry.  Make all blogs original and valuable to the reader.

2. Comment on others’ blogs: Get your name out there by commenting on other blogs. Comment boxes require a username, email address, and website.  Fill all three in so interested consumers can follow you.  For it to work successfully, concentrate on blogs related to the industry or on causes the company supports.

3. Guest blogger: Become a guest blogger on reputable websites related to the industry. Make a great impression in front of an established fan base.

4. Online presence: Go where potential customers are and join some social media accounts. First, establish a central hub, aka the official company website.  Free and paid web hosts are available.  From there, join two to five social media accounts.  While Facebook and Twitter are the mainstays, also consider niche sites like YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Quora, and/or Yahoo Answers.  Select the sites where you’ll enjoy sharing and giving information.

5. Google Local: While you’re at it, join web directories and social media business pages like Google Local. These sites attract users looking for contact information, and very likely to contact you for the solution to their dilemma.

6. Social gatherings: Never turn down network events and social gatherings. Schmoozing with professionals gets your business on their radar in case of necessary future endeavors.  Attend as a friend and build lasting professional relationships.  In addition, attend conferences and meetings as a public speaker so the audience can get familiar with you and your expertise.

7. Business Cards: These tiny cards serve as a helpful reminder of the conversation and event to the recipient. Hand out cards to everyone you meet.

8. Sister organizations: Partner up with other companies to sponsor charitable or industry related events. Try not to partner up with a direct competitor.

9. Awards: Similar to winning awards in Hollywood brings recognition to the recipient; an award makes customers notice you. Apply for online industry or charitable awards for a chance to bring prestige to your business.

10. Customer service: The people you touch with good customer service will touch someone else with their referrals and recommendations.  Word of mouth brings new customers.

Never put off online marketing due to financial struggles.  Thanks to this list, you can find ways to promote the company with no money or with a few dollars.  Contact us for more information about small businesses and marketing strategies

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