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There is something very scary about a money back guarantee if you own a business. I mean, it seems like the type of thing that could be abused, the type of thing that could end up costing your business a lot of money. However, savvy marketers have been using money back guarantees for years while marketing services, and it has worked out for them. The book 25 Terrifying Reasons Your Website Is Not Successful notes:


The money back guarantee has, obviously, been used by late-night marketers for decades, and the reason is because it works. Although people have been known to return products, and there are occasional unruly customers who exploit such offers to take advantage of free goods, most seasoned business people will confirm that such behavior is the exception and not the rule.


All things considered, people are generally honest, and refund scams are few and far between in the world of business. Additionally, a money back guarantee will give your customers peace of mind when buying your product, and it will almost certainly help your conversion rate. Customers have a big fear of paying for junk, something that doesn’t meet their expectations, and then losing their money, having no chance to remedy the situation. A money back guarantee adds value to your product, as it gives them peace of mind, and allows them to buy your product without thinking as much as they would have to without a money back guarantee.


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