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Mobile sites are much different than desktop sites, mainly because of the accessing devices. It is possible for a lot of content to fit on a monitor hooked up to a desktop, but this is not the case for mobile devices. While smartphones and tablets provide a decent amount of real estate for websites to use, there are still plenty of phones on the market that do not have ample viewing space, and this needs to be accounted for.


Ditch the Non-Essentials


Usability is an important term for mobile website creation. In order to achieve this, you should eliminate everything that is not essential to the point of a particular page. It is important to do this even if it means getting rid of navigation, reducing the number of images, or even eliminating images completely.


Make Sure Visitors Are Directed to the Right Location


When it comes to desktop websites, multiple objectives can be handled on one page. However, this does not generally work for mobile sites due to the lack of space and time that mobile users are willing to invest on any individual page. Not only is it important to maintain a single objective on each page, but you needed to send your visitors to the right place when you have a mobile and desktop site under the same domain.


It only takes a single mistake for a visitor to get sent to your desktop site, which can be problematic for mobile users to navigate. Proper mobile website creation will prevent this from happening.


Proper Design for Mobile Screens


Although there are a wide range of resolutions that desktop monitors have, there is still more than enough space for most websites to state their main points above the fold. Designing for the mobile user means understanding the wide range of resolutions, and the fact that most of these resolutions are quite small.


Avoiding horizontal scrolling, making your site a single column, and minimizing everything compared to your desktop site are great methods that can transition the success of your desktop site to your mobile one.


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