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Paypal, Vimeo, Delicious, LinkedIn and Pinterest are great examples of a new Landing page optimization.  Merging home pages and landing pages into one reaps the benefits of both with no downside.  Maintaining two separate websites is not easy because, more than likely, the landing page is the one overlooked.  This merger makes the landing page the star right on the homepage without destroying what the homepage represents.

Because landing pages and homepages are merging it has to follow the rules of both.  Landing pages create action by informing visitors of a product or service and asking them to make a move by filling out a form and click the button (or vice versa).  Homepages welcome visitors to their page and giving a summary of what the company represents.  The new rules are as follows:

One page without the scroll bar.  The landing page is one page that has everything a visitor wants to know to take action.  Everything must be crammed into that page so they don’t leave.  An alternative is to use a template that starts off as a landing page and turns into a homepage as the user scrolls down.

Have something to sell.  Whether it’s a product or service every landing page has something to sell.  Choose the selling point the company is known for and build the landing page home page around it.  Examples are free consultations, schedule appointments, membership, social network profile, free downloads, free trials, hyping the latest product and subscriptions/newsletters.

A call to action informs users on what to do to receive the offer.  A form to fill out and a button to submit the data (or a button to click then a form to fill out) must be easy to do.  Too long or too complicated steps are going to give users a reason to hit the back button.

A search bar is a handy tool to keep users on your website.  They will stay on the site if they have the freedom to look up whatever they wish.

A clean navigation bar is one that doesn’t have a lot of options to choose from.  Three to five choices is good.  Along with the search bar that’s more than enough for the landing page home page.

Every homepage has company contact information.  Make sure it’s visible on your page.

Finally the merger must be clean and professional.  Everything from the layout to the design to small details like font and white space must flow together.

Although a lot of social media websites were listed earlier in the article, this merger isn’t limited to those sites.  Companies are using this to garner results too.  Browse the competition.  Type in your favorite websites and look at their homepage.  You’ll get some inspiration on how to work your homepage.  Self-employed people can benefit from this too.  A landing page is great for every kind of page, occupation and service.

The success of this merger is going to get bigger as more websites try this in hopes of gaining results.  More companies are leaning toward this trend because it gives their homepage something more to do than to welcome visitors to the website.  It makes landing pages feel connected to the company instead of being a separate page.  As the success grows the landing page is going to be the homepage: the standard for future web design.  For more information on company and business ideas contact us.

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