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On the Internet, capturing someone’s attention can be a big deal. If you have their attention, then you may be able to get their purchases as well. Mobile compatible websites are the best at doing this because more people than ever are using their phones to access the Internet.


Anhosting.com has an article out about people using their smartphones daily. In this post, they mention the following:


Smartphone ownership has jumped globally – increasing 11% to 44% of the total population in Spain and by 7% to 38% of the total population in the US,” said Jason Spero, Head of Global Mobile for Google. “Smartphone owners are always using their device – in France, 90% use their mobile devices to access the web every day.


With that stunning amount of smartphone usage, it is important to capture some of those eyeballs for your own sites. People with smartphones are very likely to use the Internet on those phones since this is what most of them purchase the phones for. If they are using the Internet, then they might as well be looking at your site. The most important thing is that you get that site optimized for the mobile web.


Making a site optimized for the mobile user means making the most important features of the site easily available on the phone. Also, it means ensuring that the text of the site is large enough to read and that the ability to navigate around the site is not diminished by the fact that you are using your phone to access it.


Ideas for creating the perfect mobile website are available in this new eBook. It covers a wide range of different topics that are helpful to those who are looking to build a mobile website. Contact us for more information on getting this eBook and starting to build a great website.


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