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Many have already heard about mobile marketing and how it is going to be very important to their business in the near future. However, that future time period may be closer than some think. This is because the market share of Internet usage that mobile devices now make up doubled from Q1 2012 to Q1 2013. Smartinsights.com puts it this way:


You can see that tablet and smartphone use nearly doubled in the year based on 500 million visits for these retail clients. Mobile share is now around 25% on average.


Given the fact that the mobile Internet share is already about 25%, it is time for businesses to get their act together and start working on mobile marketing.


A lot of the mobile marketing game comes down to creating a responsive website that can be easily read on smartphones and tablets. This responsive design application should have great features that they can access on the go. The responsive design should provide them with all of the same features as they would get if they were accessing the site from a computer.


Other forms of marketing that are commonly used on the Internet would not prove as effective in mobile form because of the smaller screen. Take traditional banner ads as an example. It is going to be rather difficult for someone to click on an ad if they are using their mobile device to access the site. This is why responsive design creation is more important than other forms of advertising in the mobile space.


With so many eyes glued to pocket sized device screens, it is about time to gain some of that mind share. Contact us for more information on making your website mobile compatible and reaching a greater numbers of customers.


Please take a look at this very important eBook as well to get more ideas on how this all works.


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