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Are you an entrepreneur who has been working diligently on a local advertising campaign? Have you spent some time on social media marketing in the hopes of getting more consumers to notice your business? If you have neglected your mobile marketing in the process, there is a good chance that your efforts are going largely unnoticed.

Why Mobile Website Creation is no Longer Optional

Google has crunched the numbers and found that mobile marketing is the way of the future. After analyzing data involving 6,000 mobile searches, the search engine experts discovered that three in four mobile searches led to an activity that included store visits, phone calls or purchases. In addition, this activity occurred rather rapidly. After more than half of the searches, it took less than an hour for the consumer to take action.

Responding to the Trends

Now that you know the trends, it is time to formulate a response. Should you build a dedicated website that only loads on mobile devices? This approach offers the advantage of optimizing the site’s functionality and content uniquely to the small screens of mobile devices.

Yet there is another option altogether. Google itself highly recommends the creation of responsive websites. These sites are configured to serve all devices via the same URL (uniform resource locator). Working with a forward-thinking web designer who manipulates the CSS (cascading style sheets) for a personalized mobile browsing experience makes the site friendly for users of computers, tablets and even small-screen mobile devices.

But … Does It Work?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Forbes has coined the term “SoLoMo.” It stands for the consumer’s practice of shopping via social networks but searching locally for stores and service providers to get the goods. All this is typically done via a mobile device rather than a desktop computer. Mobile-compatible websites are the natural response to this growing phenomenon.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who has invested in local advertising and social media marketing but has so far not paid a lot of attention to the mobile platform, there is still time to change your approach and reach more consumers in the process. While you cannot afford to neglect the former, adding the third component is vital.

MaaS Pros has done an extensive bit of research on the subject and compiled its findings in a free eBook to benefit the local business community. If you discover that you need some help with digesting the data and translating this information into effective action, contact us for help. We are just a short phone call or email away.

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