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Mobile websites and mobile apps have seen a huge surge over the last few years due to increased use of smartphones and tablets. In fact, one analyst reported that by mid-2013 web traffic via mobile devices had gone up to 17.4%, “representing more than a 6% increase since 2012 when 11.1% of traffic came from mobile.” And this number is expected to almost double this year.


So in the light of such numbers, one of the biggest, and perhaps most important choices in regards to your web traffic that you can make is deciding which is better for your business: a mobile app, or a mobile website.


“Ideally, all companies would take an integrated approach and have both a mobile website and a mobile app,” begins a news article on the debate of mobile website creation. “Unfortunately, this approach is not always possible, especially for small businesses, because of factors such as budget.”


Perhaps the easiest way to decide which is right for your website, your business, your customers, your clients and so on is to look at the various advantages of each:


Mobile Websites boast features like no download time, a simpler and streamlined design, a cheaper price tag, and a larger range of compatibility. They also allow for 100% viewing by their audience because there is no need to download anything to access your website’s information. Further, they increase user’s time on the site, and have an improved SEO.


Mobile apps, on the other hand, give the user greater ease of use, offline capabilities, and larger choice of personalization through your mobile device, integration and speed. They also allow for much more complex calculations, and allow you to process user data much more rapidly.


So which is right for you? The bottom line is each one holds different advantages over the other, and ultimately what it comes down to is what better fits your needs. If your focus is on promotion of branding new music, for example, then a mobile app may be better for its streaming capabilities. However, if you are in charge of updating your daily sales for a retail store, you may benefit more from a mobile website.


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