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Is website usability objective or subjective? After all, Google has perhaps made the greatest investment in optimized page performance in all of history, but maintains a qualified team of subjective usability testers.


The answer to the question above is that both qualitative and quantitative measures are essential in website development. Quantitative measures, however, are relatively easy to track and in fact give instant impressions of the subjective angle of user experience. Let us look at some of the most important metrics that will help a website perform at its best and provide a top-notch experience for the visitor.


Task Time


When a user clicks on a link, submit button, or any other type of update, turnaround should be as close to instantaneous as possible. This, of course is easier said than done as the underlying technology requires a complex information exchange across web hardware and software. Issues such as traffic loads and even the user’s own local browser settings can affect this. However, from the user perspective every request should work like magic. A delay of merely two seconds is enough to cause a marked decrease in traffic.


Page Views and Clicks


These two factors may seem obvious, and of course every website owner must strive to maximize the amount of activity on the site, which factors into total engagement. However, page views and clicks also function as a secondary performance indicator. Users may contribute a great deal of views and navigate links because of their interest in the content, but their ability to do so is virtually always bolstered by quick task completion and optimized load times.




This factor is, of course, the focal point of all eCommerce. Like page views and clicks, however, a strong conversion rate tells us just as much about the quality of the site as it does about the quality of the goods and services up for offer. When users shop online, they are almost always at the point of sale once they have found the items they have searched for. However, a poor user experience can very easily cause the user to abandon the transaction and instantly look elsewhere.


Contact us to learn more about the quantitative and qualitative aspects of website performance and optimizing your online presence.  


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