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Marketing is often thought of as a tool to increase your share of the pie. Nevertheless, marketing can also be about protecting the share of the pie that you already have. A vital part of this endeavor, is protecting your company’s reputation online. Of course, the internet is an expansive place, and it would be virtually impossible, or at the very least incredibly time-consuming to keep track of everything that anyone ever said about your business. The good news is that Google has a service to assist small business owners who want to get a better grasp of what people are saying about their small business. Some of the best online marketing services you can use are the ones that Google provides you.

Google Alerts

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to keep track of what people are saying about business or even about certain hot topics in the industry. If you have fresh news and information, that is an amazing competitive advantage. You can not only use this information for defense, but also for offense as well. Hubspot.com touts the many benefits of using Google Alerts by saying:

Google Alerts enables you to monitor the web for mentions of specific keywords or phrases. Once set up, you’ll receive either email alerts or results via RSS whenever these phrases have been mentioned online. For instance, you can sign up to get notified whenever someone mentions your company, products, executives, or your competition.

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