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In social media it’s easy for information to get out of control. Typed words don’t have the same effect as saying it out loud. As a result information is often misinterpreted, offensive and convoluted/over-our-heads to the person reading it. Businesses especially need to pay attention to what is written online. Things that are written by the company are easily avoided when everything is reviewed properly. What other people write about your business is something businesses cannot control. The way they can get control is to manage their online reputation.


Online reputation management monitors, influences and identifies credulity and reputation online. As visitors read information about the company online what people say influences their decision. It is a Digital marketing strategy all businesses need to know about because it will determine business growth. Other reasons include:


Aid in increasing sales


Builds trust


Enhance the positives


Stops negative press from spreading across the internet


Improves the chance of scoring business deals


It’s great to have online reputation management services; not everyone can afford to pay someone to do this for them. Businesses need to know the basics of how to deal with their online reputation. Here are some tips.


Search the company name to see what’s listed. It’s a good idea to look beyond Google. They aren’t the only search engine around. Yahoo, Bing and MSN are still top search engines, and companies need to see how information is handled on those search engines too.


Buy domain names with the company name in it. Pick the company name in different domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .me, etc) to make sure no one else uses it for their gain.


Gather content in one place. There has to be a central place that pulls everything together. Get a paid website, a free website, a landing page (about.me. flavors.me, etc) or a blog and tack everything on.


Get social networking sites. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+: the company has to be on one of these main four sites (at least). Choose a niche site (video website, photo website, music website, blog website, etc) that will enhance the brand. Be active. Make sure social media websites have the company name in the URL. Most social sites allow for URL customization so take advantage. Use privacy features as a way to control what gets out there on your social media site.



You never know what someone is going to say about your company, and you cannot remove negative posts. However, you can push negative information down to at least the third page. On average the vast majority of people don’t search past the first page, and a few will travel to the second page. If you can successfully do this your company’s creditably will remain intact. Contact us for more information on protecting your online reputation.


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