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There is no doubt about Facebook’s role in social media marketing. Your Facebook page is one of the key components of selling your business online, along with your Twitter account and your website. Facebook has introduced several new features lately, including the ability to promote your friends’ posts. This could be an effective alternative to traditional advertising on social media.

The new Promote Friends’ Posts feature allows you to pay a fee to promote a post when a friend posts a status, makes a post on your business page or posts a photo that is complementary of your brand or supports your message.

As business owners, you probably understand how important word of mouth is to building your customer base. Sponsoring or “promoting” posts allows you to aid in the spread of positive reviews and information about your business. Each post that can be promoted will have a link to sponsor the post directly below it.

This means the post will reach a larger audience than it would otherwise. It is important to note that this doesn’t violate any of your friend’s privacy settings. When you promote the post, it is featured in the news feed of a larger percentage of the original audience. If your friend had the post set to only their friends, it will still only be visible to their friends. If it was set to public, then the post will be promoted to your friends as well. The price is based on how many people it could reach, but in general promoting a post that is publically viewable will be a better value for your money than one that is not.

Promoting dozens of posts at a time, or multiple posts from the same friend, may be viewed by some as poor social media etiquette. The occasional sponsored post, however, could give your social media campaign a good boost.

For more tips on using Facebook to promote your products and your business, or for help launching your brand on social media, contact us today.

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