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As a sales rep working in an industry that targets a broad range of consumers, consider how your perspective influences how you frame goods or services. Your perspective is influenced by your age and social background, such as whether you’re under the age of 35 and grew up as a digital native, you’re aged 35 to 50 and grew up with computers around you, or whether you’re over 50 and learned to use computers as an adult. When technology became a part of your lifestyle affects your consumer views and influences your views on effective marketing.

Regardless of the generation that you came from, here are some sales tips for marketers of every age:

Think like a digital native. Even if you are from a generation that is now older than 35, you can do a lot of research into the ideas and tastes of Generation Y and Millennials. Learn to think like them. Watch how they interact at Starbucks. Note how they only talk occasionally because of their connectivity to devices.

Choose sales approaches that work from the idea that people do everything with their Smartphones. They have an app for everything, and they are constantly connected.

Within your CRM system, your marketing tactics should work from the idea that people expect an easy answer for almost everything. They want to use a technology tool and find a snippet of information so they can make snap decisions. Make information available to them, and then they will only have to think a few seconds before taking the desired action that you want. Then, they give their attention to the next app.

Modern businesses know that they need to engage prospects 24/7, but how can you do this without increasing data leaks and ending up with broken sales processes?

Dramatically more conversions: 55% of companies fail to consolidate their databases with automation, and as a result 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Consolidation will get you back on track.

Complete transparency: No more ‘blame game’. Plugging data leaks with consolidation means that you’ll always know when, how and why a lead is qualified.

Automation as a two-sided coin: Your MA software should reflect your point of view in terms of campaigns and milestones, but it should also be built around your customers – what they do, where they hang out and what they’re looking for, from the moment they first browse your site, through every sales meeting and closed deal.

Consolidating sales and marketing automation lets you give your sales team next-gen tools to close more sales, and makes their job easier by enabling smarter sellingat every single stop along the customer journey. Consolidation means you can get back to process-oriented business techniques, using data how it’s meant to be used: to grow your business.

It’s time to accelerate your growth. Sometimes smaller businesses and SMEs make the mistake of seeing the “sales cycle” as another term for a “won deal.” In fact, even as you close a deal, you should be figuring out the best way to retain that customer and provide enticing offers for upgrades.

For more information on automated marketing and CRM for your target markets, we hope that you will contact us today. Helping you reach your marketing goals is very important to us.


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