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There are many ways to hinder your search engine optimization (SEO) plan, and that is why knowledge is more important than ever for marketers and small business owners. After Panda, some people claimed that SEO was dead, a relic of the last decade that is irrelevant to this one, but that statement could not be more misleading. SEO is not dead; SEO is growing. The caveat is that search engines are getting smarter and smarter, fervently looking to reward websites that are friendly towards internet users, and punish websites that are unfriendly toward internet users. Here are some ways to damage your SEO strategy.

Slow Loading Pages

If any page on your website takes longer than two seconds to load, then you need to find a way to speed it up. Google punishes websites that have pages that are slow. You might need to change your hosting provider. It could be that you have too many images or videos on your page. Whatever the problem is, it is imperative that you fix it as soon as possible.


After the famous update to Google’s search engine, an update known to the public as Penguin, Google started punishing websites that paid for backlinks. Most webmasters know that paying for hundreds or thousands of websites to link to your webpage is not worth the trouble anymore, but some webmasters are still doing it, a look of chagrin predictably flooding over their face when Penguin takes them out.

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