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You might think that your business is immune to SEO drops. You might think that you are too small for Google to care about; or that you run a respectable business, such as a non-profit, so Google will overlook your black hat search engine optimization tricks. Of course, that is categorically false. Google is obsessed with improving their search engine. The leader of their anti-spam team, Matt Cutts, has vowed to do whatever it takes to improve Google’s search engine rankings. That even includes taking out the Salvation Army.


Penguin is a Google update that tries to eliminate websites who use unsavory backlinks. Google felt that the Salvation Army was using too many of these backlinks and their traffic decreased by 31% after a Google Penguin refresh. The book The Truth About SEO explains more,

Google Penguin focused on backlink spamming and overaggressive backlinking.  There used to be a time, not too long ago, where services would setup backlinks all over the Internet, for the purposes of making your content look more relevant than it actually was.


Even the Salvation Army, an organization that does so much good around the world, was moved down in Google’s search engine rankings for practicing black hat SEO. The lyrics website RapGenius.com was also punished for black hat SEO techniques. You are not immune to punitive damages if you try to game Google’s search engine.

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