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Niche markets are specific targets companies can go after.  The target is a group of people who is interested in a product, blog or service.  Determine your niche, advertise with those people in mind, and make money.  It’s that simple; who can say no to that?  Niche market takes the company in a different direction.


Companies aim for broad markets.  These markets have too many competitors to stand out.  Why would visitors take a chance on a new ad when they can click familiar ads?  However, if you make the niche specific, the company can corner a group of people that few competitors reach.  Since there’s not much out there that reaches your corner of the market, the company will have a chance for visitors to get familiar with their brand.  As the niche gets crowded with competitors you’ll be the one that stands out. Why?  It’s simple; the company established a relationship with the visitors first.


Establishing a relationship with niche markets is just half the battle.  Tailor the company website and keywords to the niche market.  Target niche markets with search engine optimization.  Create rich, unique keywords that describe the niche market of interest and the industry.  Examples are “mystery e-books Florida” or “lower back pain massages for moving industry.”  Take these keywords and place them in blogs, web address, website name, description and metatags.  In addition to these, add the following:


Good content:  A company blog can take you places…as high as the top of search engine results.  Write unique, quality, relevant and fresh content that relates to the company weekly on the blog.  Be sure to add the keywords.  The content should be a mix of multimedia, industry news and consumer information.


Local SEO:  Aim for local SEO first.  Playing in the big leagues results in failure: You’ll work too hard and not get much in return.  Start small to get your feet wet in SEO because it’s less competitive with high conversation rates (chances of scoring sales).


Flaws from the competition:  Look at competitors’ marketing from their content, social media profiles and links.  Examine what keywords they’re targeting and what is working in terms of links, tactics, ideas, offline marketing, partnerships, social media posts and marketing channels.  Take what they aren’t doing and use that for your campaign.


Network with other companies:  Partner up with companies that target the same niche.  Look at the competition and alternatives.  See if the company is willing to refer their customers to your company.  In return offer to refer your customers to their company.  Both of you can share the same people and gain a profit.


Aim for these markets, work hard, be patient and the company will be a winner.  Contact us for more information on niche markets and SEO.


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