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Keeping and maintaining a Blog on your website is important to the overall success of your goals. So the content you place on there for the consumption of your readers needs to fulfill a specific purpose. A blog can be more than just a day-to-day about your business. It can also boost traffic and show that you are a thought leader of the brand you purport.

But just like any aspect of your website, a blog should follow a set of rules and structure that pay you a return for what you put in. A blog should be a two way street, a reciprocal union between you and your readers. This can be a challenge if you are just starting out. Or as one expert says:

The real power of a blog is that it’s a living, breathing community…  Its purpose existing is to share information, promote engagement with other people, and stimulate conversation… A blog is an online resource full of information about your business that is available to everyone in the world with an internet connection.

But how do you attract people to your blog? By following, and staying up to date on current SEO practices. Here are 3 tips to help you along.

1. Keyword research is a must

Your blog should be full of relevant keywords so that when a particular set of words are typed into search engines, traffic is directed your way. But don’t be fooled by people who say your blog needs to be saturated with high search volume words, because using long-tail keywords is sometimes even more successful.

2. On-Page optimization

Sure, getting people to your page is fundamental to the thesis of having a page to begin with. However, what is on your page is just as integral. You should have content that impacts, a design that is built to be shared through social media and with easy URLs and descriptive tags, providing valuable UX, and so on.

3. Be unique

One of the most frustrating parts about blogging is that everything has already been said a thousand times somewhere else on the Internet. So sometimes what came to you as a one-of-a-kind thought (not that it isn’t), has already been outlined and dissected elsewhere. Cut through the fuzz by making your content indicative of you. Embed pictures and gifs; come up with infographics that have never been put together before, etc. Stay on topic, but make it your own.

Blogging can be as simple and effective as you make it. Especially if you already have a blog, it may be very easy to add a few tweaks here and there for maximum return. More so if you are just starting one.

Want more information on website marketing, SEO, or blogging? Please contact us any time. For more tips, check out our ebook.

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