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With the success of content marketing now certain, the role of SEO services have been put into question. What businesses really want to know is if they should concentrate on content creation or SEO practices.

Well, if you want a balanced digital marketing strategy, then the answer is both. Content creation and SEO aren’t mutually exclusive; they’re two important components of digital marketing.

The problem with solely focusing on content creation is that it’s not enough to attract prospective customers to your website. Try as you might, unless you add in links and keywords, that content isn’t going to generate traffic.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that content marketing isn’t worthwhile. A recent Search Engine Watch article explains the dichotomy between the two practices:

“All the content in the world will not get you the visits and positioning a well-placed set of links will get you. Now, this does not mean you should not concentrate on your content marketing – by no means should you stop generating great content. However, if you think you can just build it and they will come, you will be sadly disappointed and unless you have very deep coffers you will run out of money waiting.”

The main takeaway here is that content is a key element of digital marketing — it’s just not the only one. It’s important that you keep creating content to post on social media and include in marketing emails. But it’s equally important that you optimize that content for SEO.

The relationship between content marketing and SEO is a complicated one. Just remember that neither practice is good enough on its own, they both need each other to a certain extent. The most successful digital marketing strategies combine both content creation and SEO.

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