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    Web Design

    Website design has become a highly competitive field with the use of the internet growing at an exponential rate. Websites are vying for high ranking positions in search engine result pages. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, effective design and coding practices must be adhered to so that the website functions effectively for your business.

    Based on our experience and research on effective design practices on consumer surfing, searching and conversion patterns, our design team is able to create websites that both attract visitors and also function effectively to convert.

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  • Mobile Compatible Website

    Mobile Compatible Website

    Mobile devices are most commonly used to search for a business online, make an online purchase or get directions and other location-related information about a business. Mobile web browsing is overtaking desktop web browsing. By the end of 2015 the number of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices is expected to go higher than those browsing through desktops. Since Mobile usage is growing at an exponential rate, being able to provide an easy surfing experience for your customers will lead to higher conversions. If your website is not mobile compatible, users will get annoyed and leave your site to visit your competitor. Think of the potential clientele you are missing out on. Many assume that their website is mobile compatible because it will load on a mobile device, however, this does not make your site mobile compatible. Having a mobile compatible website means it is user friendly, loads quickly and offers the functionalities that users are looking for with a click of a simple button rather than scrolling and zooming in and out

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  • e Commerce

    e Commerce

    eCommerce is the buying and selling of a product or service over the internet. We have assisted businesses in converting their existing website into an online storefront to have their business working for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year without the heavy overhead expenses that are associated with retail. To have a successful online storefront, does not mean to just add a shopping cart on to your existing website. There are many components that are involved in an eCommerce website, such as, an optimized website for checkout, shopping cart, payment gateway,
secure server and SSL Certificate.

    Another key factor is knowing the buying patterns of online shoppers. Online buyers have a certain buying pattern that must be taken into consideration when designing and building an eCommerce storefront. We study online buyer patterns of your target market and customers and apply this researched data in order to help us design websites that maximize buyer conversion rates. The goal of an eCommerce website should be to make money and get a return on your investment, which is why we apply the highest standards and components to increase conversions from a website visitor to your customer.

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  • Landing Page Optimization

    Landing Page Optimization

    Landing pages or lead capture pages are meant to convert visitors into a lead by taking an appropriate action such as completing a form. A landing page is a one-page destination web page that gets displayed after a user clicks on a link, PPC advertisement or from another website. Internet users usually land at these pages following the links that they find in emails, social media sites or search engine optimized campaigns for advertisement. The primary goal of landing pages is to enhance the conversion rate of a website. A well-crafted landing page has the power to convert a website visitor into a customer. Understanding the right combination of where the traffic comes from and who they are will help in optimizing a landing page to increase conversion rates. We study website visitor trends to understand how a website visitor is searching and browsing for your particular business in order to increase the likeliness of them taking the desired action to obtain a new lead or customer for your business.

    When designing and building a landing page, A/B testing must also be done in order to increase conversions. We create two different landing pages with slight modifications and test both to see which landing page generates the most conversions. During the A/B Testing process, we tweak and modify the landing pages while viewing analytics of traffic, time spent on site, bounce rate and more. There is both a science and an art behind creating a landing page for your business.

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  • Logo Design

    Logo Design

    A logo is the overall face of your company. Clients find it easy to remember a logo or a quick slogan more than a name of a product or service that you offer. A logo needs to be credible, visually attractive, simple, and must deliver a message to your clients. MaaS Pros conducts market research, competitive analysis and studies industry trends when designing a custom logo for your business. MaaS Pros creates professionally designed logos aimed to represent your company and attract your target market.

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