eCommerce is the buying and selling of a product or service over the internet. We have assisted businesses in converting their existing website into an online storefront to have their business working for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year without the heavy overhead expenses that are associated with retail. To have a successful online storefront, does not mean to just add a shopping cart on to your existing website. There are many components that are involved in an eCommerce website, such as, an optimized website for checkout, shopping cart, payment gateway,
secure server and SSL Certificate.

Another key factor is knowing the buying patterns of online shoppers. Online buyers have a certain buying pattern that must be taken into consideration when designing and building an eCommerce storefront. We study online buyer patterns of your target market and customers and apply this researched data in order to help us design websites that maximize buyer conversion rates. The goal of an eCommerce website should be to make money and get a return on your investment, which is why we apply the highest standards and components to increase conversions from a website visitor to your customer.