Landing pages or lead capture pages are meant to convert visitors into a lead by taking an appropriate action such as completing a form. A landing page is a one-page destination web page that gets displayed after a user clicks on a link, PPC advertisement or from another website. Internet users usually land at these pages following the links that they find in emails, social media sites or search engine optimized campaigns for advertisement. The primary goal of landing pages is to enhance the conversion rate of a website. A well-crafted landing page has the power to convert a website visitor into a customer. Understanding the right combination of where the traffic comes from and who they are will help in optimizing a landing page to increase conversion rates. We study website visitor trends to understand how a website visitor is searching and browsing for your particular business in order to increase the likeliness of them taking the desired action to obtain a new lead or customer for your business.

When designing and building a landing page, A/B testing must also be done in order to increase conversions. We create two different landing pages with slight modifications and test both to see which landing page generates the most conversions. During the A/B Testing process, we tweak and modify the landing pages while viewing analytics of traffic, time spent on site, bounce rate and more. There is both a science and an art behind creating a landing page for your business.