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In addition to local marketing services, franchises must expand the marketing strategy to the internet.  After all, the major corporation’s job is to promote the national brand, not the local.  Franchises on social media will help the franchise and the parent company thrive.



The bosses have a corporate website, and many of them have specific sites for locations.  However, each location has an individual site.  Use that URL on social media, business cards, advertising methods, and SEO strategies.  Next, ask the main company about the allowance and limitations of franchise social media marketing.  Third, open social media accounts.  Choose three to five different types (general info, photo sharing, video sharing, bookmark sharing, audio sharing, business site, blog, etc.) and post.  The varied selections force franchises to have a purpose for incorporating social media into marketing strategies.  Finally, choose a name to differentiate yourself from the larger brand.  An example is adding city or metro area to the name to stand out.


Social networks build a collective group of customers, business partners, and companies you’ll love.  Decide who’s going to manage the social network accounts.  Is it a person specifically for social media management, an employee on staff with the expertise, or DIY? The answer depends on the budget and social media skill level.


What should a franchise post to attract customers and build relationships?


  • A Personal Touch: Relate to customers by acting human. Show customers more than news and product/service updates.  Post about the employees, what goes on behind closed doors, trends in the industry, and have a Q&A discussion.  Re-post great articles you read online and re-post your blog.  Additionally, interact with users by re-posting their message, liking their photos and videos, and commenting.


  • Deals, Discounts, and Coupons Oh My: The authorities have national, regional, and statewide deals for every franchise to promote. Attract local people with franchise-created deals and discounts, a weekly circular, and offer printable coupons and coupon codes.


  • Visual Eye-Candy: No user likes reading a bunch of dry posts. Spice it up with video, audio, and photo.  Customers understand visuals better than comprehending paragraph after paragraph.


  • Consistency: Keep content on social media connected to each other and the website to unite the brand.



Franchises shouldn’t limit themselves because it’s a piece of a major corporation.  Franchises need to grow.  Growing grows the business.  Therefore, growing the brand through social media will reach your target audience instantly. For more information on social media, contact us.


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