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Twitter is a great outlet to spread the latest news and updates instantly to your followers.  This is a different medium than Facebook and Google+ so the dialogue and feel is going to be different.  One mistake and the followers see it.  Some or all will unfollow you; it’s hard to provide damage control even after the tweet is deleted.  Send good tweets out correctly the first time; consider the following Social media marketing ideas as you create a professional atmosphere on Twitter.


Too many people are using Twitter for self-promotion and opinionated, political information.  Businesses must step into a different vibe so followers can treat you with respect and rely on you for good, accurate information with every tweet.  The type of tweets sent out (along with what you say) will create the atmosphere.  Add photos, a link to a photo, links to blogs, company website links, longer tweets on another platform (because 140 characters isn’t enough sometimes).  If you share links cut back on character use (no more than 100) to make space for links.

Complete the vibe by decorating the page; use company logos, company colors, photos of well-known products and more as the background, profile pic and the picture behind the profile.  It’s amazing how many companies don’t take advantage of decoration or add irrelevant photos.


It’s hard to create good content on twitter.  There’s not enough room to create a paragraph’s worth of content.  However, followers want to remain entertained so tweeting something that catches their eye will keep them glued to your page.  A daily quote, company updates, product updates, deals, discounts and helpful information is going to make you an expert in your field.

Twitter isn’t complete without sharing other users’ content.  Retweet content that are in line with the professional style the company is aiming for on Twitter.  Interact with followers who respond to your tweets.  It’s amazing how companies make it “all about them” and don’t communicate with their users.  You’ll never know when a follower will become a loyal customer.


Figure out the time of day that most of your followers are online. Social media managers have resources and techniques to figure out when the highest traffic occurs.  There is also software (buffer, etc) to inform you the times when the Twitter page gets the most traffic.  This gives you more time back into promoting your business and a routine to follow.

Followers don’t have to follow your page or remain loyal to it.  Show them your appreciation by thanking them.  Respond to tweets personally instead of automatic replies.  If something isn’t working change it.  You only have 140 characters to work with; make it count.  Contact us for more information.

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