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Facebook and Twitter are usually in the social media marketing spotlight. But as Instagram continues to develop and increase in popularity, the platform is turning into a major social media player.

One qualm with Facebook as of late is the decrease in the site’s organic reach. Facebook is making it clear that in order for companies to attract new followers, they’re going to have to pay.

Another development favoring Instagram occurred just a couple of weeks ago as the platform passed Twitter in number of active accounts. A recent Marketing Land article covered the event and provided some context to Instagram’s rapid growth:

“Instagram announced today that it has 300 million active users and signaled that it is continuing efforts to make sure those users are real people… At 300 million, Instagram has surpassed Twitter and its 284 million monthly actives as the second-place major social network. The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing network is growing fast; it passed the 200-million mark in March.”

So in just the last couple of months, we’ve seen organic reach on Facebook drop and Instagram pass Twitter in active users. Both of these developments show Instagram’s growth as a social media platform.

Now, it’s important for businesses to understand that Instagram is its own platform. They can’t just bring their Facebook and Twitter strategies over and expect them to be effective. Instagram appeals to followers on a more visual basis. If businesses want to invest in the platform, then they have to create a new strategy for it.

Most businesses don’t view Instagram as an essential component of social media marketing. But with the effectiveness of Facebook marketing in question and the platform’s overtaking of Twitter in terms of active accounts, businesses won’t be able to maintain this position for long. We expect Instagram to become increasingly important in 2015.

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