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When it comes to keeping your website at the top of Google, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has always been the best bet.  But since this type of approach is still in its infancy, it is an ever changing and developing practice.  It is best to stay on top of the trends developing within this area so you are not left behind.

Broken Links

Ensuring that the links on your site are not broken, meaning they link to the website you want them to, is a good start.  People stumbling upon your page from Google may see your business as unprofessional or unworthy of their time and/or business if they try a link on your site and it leads nowhere.  This gives the impression that you do not bother with keeping your website intact, so who knows if you can be trusted with any business they are going to throw your way.  Simply put, it looks minor league.  Staying on top of broken links is one of the keys to keep SEO on your side.

Link Manufacturing

Another thing that you may want to steer clear of is link manufacturing.  Link manufacturing is the act of putting a link to your page on a website just to drive up traffic.  While this may help in the short term, if Google notices what you are doing, this could significantly hurt your rank on their site.  If link manufacturing is the way you would like to go; however, being cautious of where you place it is your best bet.  Only try to get your page on a website if it is related to your topic and can be beneficial to it.  This is a great strategy that could potentially help your site in the long haul.

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