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Social Media Marketing Tips to Help Small Businesses Stand Out

There are many qualities that make small businesses highly desirable to consumers. The personalized customer service, hard-to-find products, or unique stories help small businesses succeed amongst a sea of competition.

Here are some social media marketing tips to help your small business become more noticeable online:

Be bold (but don’t be fool hardy): Social media and boldness can be an addictive mix. In the right quantities, boldness works well to make the best qualities of a business known. However, too much boldness can appear overly prideful. Carefully dial-up or down this aspect of your social media presence according to your overall brand identity.

Have tact and grace: While boldness often works to attract attention, tact and grace offer a certain personalized interaction online. It’s easy to find messages that are overtly sales focused online, but it can be rare to see posts that show off different dimensions of a business. How can your business show off the personalized qualities of your staff and customer service that keep people coming back?

Take your cues from the successes of others. You can find ideas anywhere; be sure to analyze and watch what your competitors are doing/posting. It’s also important to monitor what other businesses and companies are doing that catches your attention. Sign up for social media articles and tips from experts so you can daily or weekly receive emails with all sorts of tips, new information and social updates.

Images are key. Use high quality, crisp visuals. Recent research shows images increase social media engagement: Twitter updates with images in them receive 150% more retweets than those without and Facebook posts with images in them receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without. Canva is a fantastic resource for creating custom images, with free and low-cost options available.

Express gratitude: Consider ways to thank those who have contributed to the success of your small business. Give thanks for the awards or recognitions your business has received over the years. Express gratitude towards your loyal customer base.

Be thoughtful: Small businesses have opportunities to show thoughtfulness that large companies often don’t have. For example, your small business might have extensive knowledge about niche topics that are hard to find elsewhere. You might be able to convey thoughtfulness through a specific tone online. Show off the thoughtful aspects of your business on social media in ways that make sense for your brand.

If you need help with the online presence of your business, contact us.


Professional Social Media Marketing Takes a Load Off of Your Plate

As you might already know, social media can be used to market just about any type of business. By using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, you can spread the news about your business and what it has to offer, and you can keep people informed about special deals and more. Social media also offers the option to build and maintain strong relationships with your audience and even gives the potential for your business to become viral.

Unfortunately, though, social media marketing can be very time-consuming. Even if you are fairly proficient at using social media, you might have a lot of learning to do when it comes to using it for business purposes. Then, you may have to spend a lot of time responding to people who leave comments, posting new content and more. This can be incredibly time-consuming and can take you away from the other things that you need to be doing for your business.

Luckily, you do have an option: hiring a professional social media marketing firm to assist you. This can be beneficial for a few reasons. First of all, you can ensure that you use social media to market your business in the most effective way possible, since an experienced firm knows all of the best tips and tricks. Plus, you can ensure that your social media marketing campaign is getting all of the attention that it deserves, all while taking some of the stress off of your plate so that you can focus on other aspects of running your business instead.

If you are looking for a professional team that you can count on for all of your company’s social media marketing needs, contact us at MaaS Pros. In addition to helping with social media marketing, we can help you with all of your company’s other online marketing needs, too.


4 Changes to Make to Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is highly popular for both small and large businesses nowadays for a reason. Not only is it effective, but it’s also incredibly affordable when compared to many other advertising methods, even those that don’t have nearly as much of a reach. However, there is a chance that you are making a few mistakes with your social media marketing campaign. Consider making these changes so that you can see an improvement with your campaign.

Find Out Where Your Customers Are And Target That Channel

You don’t have to be on every single social media channel out there and sometimes it’s best to focus your attention on one particular medium – at least in the beginning. Do your research, identify your customers, find out where they hang out the most, and start right there. Once you have established yourself on 1 or 2 channels, you can diversify and promote your brand across various other channels too. Similarly, if a platform just isn’t working for you – despite your best efforts – it may be best to dedicate the bulk of your time and resources to the channel that is working.

Communicate More

One of the main joys of social media is the fact that it allows you to connect with your audience. If you aren’t taking advantage of this, now is the time to do so. Make an effort to respond to comments more frequently; it’s a great way to find out what your customer base wants and to build strong relationships with your readers. Literally have a conversation with them, retweet them, like and comment on their posts, and directly ask them to interact with your content.

Don’t Be So Promotional

Take a look at all of your recent social media posts. If they all seem promotional, it’s time to change your strategy. Obviously, you’ll want to promote some of your products and services, but some of your posts should be educational, humorous or otherwise appealing for your customers.

Always Be Human

There’s nothing worse than a social media channel that looks like its being operated by an autobot. The key word is in the name – it is ‘social’ media, after all. Make sure that your interactions on accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, are personable and genuine. Say hello to people in the morning, update them on your work day and share stories that will be of interest to your target audience. Yes, you should advertise your brand/product – but this is an essential part of doing that.

Customers (both existing and potential) want to know that when they are asking a question, complaining or praising, that a real person is on the other end interacting with them. Your social media channels should always feel like they’re being operated by an interesting, intelligent, and funny human being. Be real.

As you can see, there are a few social media marketing changes that you may need to make to your campaign. If you need help with doing this, contact us at MaaS Pros to find out how we can assist you.


Social Media Tools: What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

It has been over a decade since Facebook burst on the scene. Over the years, it has gone through countless changes. One of the most exciting changes were the additional tools now available to help businesses better use the site.

For example, Facebook created tools to give businesses the ability to promote their business through ads on the site. These ads have been helpful in generating sales for businesses. Facebook has now added a new tool to help businesses even more with this process; Facebook lead ads.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Here’s how it works: a user sees a marketer’s ad, along with a call to action such as “submit.” Click on that, and you’ll redirect to a sign-up form that looks suspiciously like the one you would find on a typical inbound landing page, except that Facebook automatically populates information from your profile into relevant fields. Users only have to fill in the missing information, hit “submit,” and they are captured as leads without ever leaving Facebook.

The concept behind lead ads was to help businesses generate more leads through Facebook. So far, it appears to be a fantastic addition. However, there are ways you can make it even more effective for your business.

Get the Sign-up Form Right

Marketers know that the sign up form can make or break your lead generation efforts. That’s no different on Facebook, despite the convenient auto fill feature outlined above.

To optimize your conversions and still capture meaningful information, make auto fill work for you: ask for a few fields (no more than three) that fall outside the automatically filled-in information like your audience’s names and contact information.

This information should be one that helps you categorize leads in your database, allowing you to segment your nurturing efforts based on individual preferences. For example, a fashion store may ask for age and/or color preferences to send only relevant offers, while a smartphone accessory merchant may want to ask for the specific model for which its audience is researching accessories.

Integrate With Your CRM

Facebook leads ads can only be truly effective if you capture your conversions in a meaningful and time-efficient way, and the best way to do so will remain your customer relationship management (CRM) software such as TieiT (www.TieiTapp.com).

In order for this to be effective for your company, you must first determine the best way to analyze big data.

Big data is the large set of information that tells a business more about the patterns, trends and behavior associated with their industry. With this information, businesses can then discover certain groups of people who would be most likely to choose their product or service.

When marketers are looking to target these specific groups of individuals through social media, Facebook allows them to use lead ads. Lead ads are shown in the person’s news feed. When they sign up for the offer, Facebook then populates the form with information that is stored on Facebook servers.

This is something that can help save the reader time and will be a huge benefit to businesses because they will be more likely to sign up for the offer. When this happens, it will be easier for businesses to close sales and improve their standing in their industry.

To learn more about Social media marketing, lead ads or to determine the best way to implement them, contact us today.


Video Marketing on Facebook

Video marketing is becoming ever more important as consumers become increasingly comfortable with visual content as opposed to text-based content. When people think web videos, YouTube comes to mind. But YouTube doesn’t have to be the primary home for your videos. In fact, when it comes to brands, YouTube is no longer the number one resource for uploading videos.

According to Facebook’s most recent quarterly report, businesses/brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook than to YouTube. Facebook now has about 8 billion video views per day and 500 million people watching those videos every day.

So why are brands choosing to upload directly to Facebook instead of YouTube?

Facebook favors natively uploaded videos

Because of the way Facebook’s algorithm works, your natively uploaded content will get up to 52 times more views than if you share it as a YouTube link. Uploading directly to Facebook also allows the auto-play feature to kick in, so people are much more likely to see your video.

If you are a growing brand without much extra money for advertising, don’t feel as if you need a professional to get your videos out there. Just follow a few simple guidelines:

  • 22 seconds is the magic number when it comes to completion rates, so keep it short!
  • Use a plain backdrop.
  • Get a stand to hold your smartphone; a wobbly image is a major turn-off for viewers.
  • Record horizontally.

Pin Your Videos

Facebook allows you to pin your video content at the top of your business page to keep it from being pushed down as you publish new content. By pinning videos to the top of your page, you can ensure this will be the first post visitors see.

Target Video Content

Facebook is one of the best ways your business can speak directly to those who know and like your products or services. Create video content that is tailored to fit your dedicated fanbase and give them something to look forward to and respond to, rather than video content that is meant for a general audience.

Focus on Entertaining

Facebook is not a place for deep decision-making, so focusing on informative yet entertaining content will be best received.

More Video is Better

Your Facebook audience is much more inclined to watch video content than read text. It is important to post high-quality content, but don’t let focusing too much on this or spending too much time on one video get in the way of pushing out more, new content.

Communicate a Message

Avoid bothering your Facebook fans to share or follow your brand; this will become annoying very quickly. Instead focus on another message you can relay to your audience. For example, have them check out your company blog for more details on an event or promotion, or propose a question at the end of your video to encourage fans to interact right then within your post.

Be Consistent

If your goal is to release new video content continuously but not sure what is too much or not enough, try posting video content every other week, then polling your Facebook fans to see if they want to see more or less original content from your brand. This is a good way to determine the consistency of video content that works best for your audience.

Facebookers love sharing video more than any other type of content, so if you want to spread the word about your brand, this is how you do it. Remember, the goal of your video content should be to get viewers to your Facebook business page and want to find out more information.

Still have questions? Here at MaaS Pros, we market for results. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.