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When Local Businesses Market Globally

When small businesses market globally, they lose. They can’t compete with the resources of international companies and there’s no reason they should market to users who aren’t in their target audience.

Global vs. local

If you practice online marketing, then there’s a good chance you’re marketing to a global audience without knowing it. This mostly depends on your search engine optimization strategy. 

With local marketing services, you can target consumers who are actually in your target audience. All you have to do is focus on geographical location in your SEO campaign. 

Local marketing 

The majority of small businesses should be practicing local marketing, save for a few exceptions. To test whether you fall into this group, ask yourself if your prospective customers are from your town, or spread out across the world.  

A recent Business 2 Community article gives a few tips in relation to local marketing. According to the article, you should provide the exact information that your prospective customers will search for on Google:

“Think like a local consumer. What information does a consumer seek? To that end, make your local address and phone number easy to find in the header or footer of each page. Promote your business on local review sites and local business search sites, such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Places, and encourage customers to leave positive reviews. This will help secure you a prime spot on a search engine results page.”

Content, customer reviews, and social media are all important parts of local marketing. In regard to SEO, you should add local terms as keywords. 

Start small and expand 

The good thing about local marketing is that you can always expand if you want to reach out to a greater audience. All you have to do is add other towns and cities to your marketing campaign and include them in your social media efforts. 

To talk more about local marketing services, or anything else, contact us today. 



Local Marketing Services Experts Bring Foot Traffic to Small Businesses

Your business should appeal to a global audience. In fact, even service providers have begun using the Internet to serve audiences that may be a few states away. That said, the commerce brought to your company by locals is something that you simply cannot neglect. Local marketing services providers have identified a number of tactics that pay off big.

Engage Locals Digitally

Unlike print media, which is frequently tossed out with the day’s newspaper, digital marketing tactics succeed at keeping your company’s name in front of local consumers. By leveraging Facebook, email marketing and similar platforms, your small business’ name quickly becomes a household name. Offer digital coupons for printing out or downloading onto smartphones. Coupons are a great way of bringing in new customers for a first time visit.

Use Location-based Services to Attract Passersby

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to promote your small business using mobile apps that target consumers in the vicinity of your business. Groupon, Living Social, FourSquare and ThinkNear among others let you post information about your latest offers and limited-time deals to consumers within a certain distance of your business. You can also schedule deals to get delivered during key hours, for example, if you’re looking to boost foot traffic during off-peak times.

Become a Presence on Local Marketing Sites

Collaborating with other members of your local business community can be an advantageous endeavor. By being found on the same local marketing websites that your competitors advertise on, you succeed at positioning your brand as a serious contender for consumer attention. In doing so, you also succeed at being visible on the websites that shoppers in your city check out when searching for information on local businesses.

Put on Your Small Business Customer Service Hat

There’s a reason why consumers opt to frequent small businesses over larger chains—personal relationships. A smile, great service, product knowledge and enthusiasm will bring customers through your door and keep them coming back. So as you host new events, sales or workshops, use your small business advantage to the max!

Stay in Touch

Staying top of mind with new and existing customers who you’ve engaged through your new efforts is not just about offering great products and services. It’s also about staying in touch.

If you host an event that brings in new customers, encourage them to sign up for your emails. A little incentive, such as a free giveaway in exchange for an email address, is always effective. Use your automated marketing and CRM platform (www.tieitapp.com) to stay in touch, set-up an e-newsletter program, send out regular updates about new product lines, company news, and events and start to engage with your customers via social media.

Enlist the Help of Local Marketing Services Professionals

You only get one chance at making a great first impression. If you make a mistake here, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy on undoing any perceptions that consumers formed about your company. Start out with a bang and keep on going with the same energy. Contact us today to discuss the best local marketing for your particular business.



Local Marketing Services: Why Online Reviews Matter

Local marketing services can help small and medium businesses attract new customers and build loyalty with their current ones. For some businesses, online interaction is the last in a long list of pressing items.  For others, reviews are like heading to the dentist for a root canal: You’re filled with dread when you think of them. Whatever the reason, what you don’t know will kill you, so start with a quick, do-it-yourself audit.  First, ask yourself where you would search if you were looking for your product. Check the usual search engines, blogs, online review and industry-specific sites. Remember: Losing revenue, customers, or even your business is much worse than the pain of reading negative commentary. In this blog, we’ll talk about the importance of customer reviews and the impact they have on your online marketing efforts.

The first reason online reviews are so important is the effect they have on your brand. Customers today are quicker to read online reviews than they are to consult a friend or family member, so having a few positive reviews can play a big role in your sales.

The second reason online reviews matter is because they factor into your search engine optimization (SEO). Like prospective customers, Google also cares about what users think about your company. According to a recent Business 2 Community article, this will have an impact on your PageRank and as such, you should place a review button on your website:

“It is believed that Google largely takes into consideration reviews when getting ranked high. You should know that reviews serve as a direct platform for customers to get easy information on products and services. The reviews are for Google users who find your business on SERP. One of the best ways to get easy reviews is by adding a button on your webpage itself.”

Not many customers will go out of their way to say nice things about your business, so it helps to make things easy for them. By adding an option to leave a review on your website or in marketing emails, you’ll remove the biggest hurdle.

Whether online or offline, you will get customer feedback–and hopefully, you also want it, because you know it’s an opportunity to strengthen your business. Just keep in mind that when someone comes into your store to complain, there might be a handful of other customers present. But online, consumers have an endless platform for airing grievances and a steady stream of people who will draw their own conclusions.

Just one final note: it’s important that you never solicit reviews under any circumstances. If you start telling customers what to say on Yelp and other social media sites, you’ll eventually get hit with a penalty for suspicious behavior. This will negate any progress you might have made by receiving good reviews.

So engage early and often. You will help balance the scales in the eyes of potential customers, rectify situations, whether perceived or real, and keep your fingers on the pulse of customer satisfaction.

Online reviews matter more than you might have guessed. To talk more about local marketing services, or anything else, contact us today.



Social Media Marketing for Franchises

In addition to local marketing services, franchises must expand the marketing strategy to the internet.  After all, the major corporation’s job is to promote the national brand, not the local.  Franchises on social media will help the franchise and the parent company thrive.



The bosses have a corporate website, and many of them have specific sites for locations.  However, each location has an individual site.  Use that URL on social media, business cards, advertising methods, and SEO strategies.  Next, ask the main company about the allowance and limitations of franchise social media marketing.  Third, open social media accounts.  Choose three to five different types (general info, photo sharing, video sharing, bookmark sharing, audio sharing, business site, blog, etc.) and post.  The varied selections force franchises to have a purpose for incorporating social media into marketing strategies.  Finally, choose a name to differentiate yourself from the larger brand.  An example is adding city or metro area to the name to stand out.


Social networks build a collective group of customers, business partners, and companies you’ll love.  Decide who’s going to manage the social network accounts.  Is it a person specifically for social media management, an employee on staff with the expertise, or DIY? The answer depends on the budget and social media skill level.


What should a franchise post to attract customers and build relationships?


  • A Personal Touch: Relate to customers by acting human. Show customers more than news and product/service updates.  Post about the employees, what goes on behind closed doors, trends in the industry, and have a Q&A discussion.  Re-post great articles you read online and re-post your blog.  Additionally, interact with users by re-posting their message, liking their photos and videos, and commenting.


  • Deals, Discounts, and Coupons Oh My: The authorities have national, regional, and statewide deals for every franchise to promote. Attract local people with franchise-created deals and discounts, a weekly circular, and offer printable coupons and coupon codes.


  • Visual Eye-Candy: No user likes reading a bunch of dry posts. Spice it up with video, audio, and photo.  Customers understand visuals better than comprehending paragraph after paragraph.


  • Consistency: Keep content on social media connected to each other and the website to unite the brand.



Franchises shouldn’t limit themselves because it’s a piece of a major corporation.  Franchises need to grow.  Growing grows the business.  Therefore, growing the brand through social media will reach your target audience instantly. For more information on social media, contact us.


Marketing Services for the Budget Conscious

When it comes to online marketing, no one talks about finances.  After all, it requires losing money to gain a profit.  Small businesses don’t have the financial resources larger corporations own. Until you gain a profit to use local marketing services, consider these free or almost free tips.

1. Start a blog: With free and paid options, it’s easy to start a blog. Create an interesting one related to the company and industry.  Make all blogs original and valuable to the reader.

2. Comment on others’ blogs: Get your name out there by commenting on other blogs. Comment boxes require a username, email address, and website.  Fill all three in so interested consumers can follow you.  For it to work successfully, concentrate on blogs related to the industry or on causes the company supports.

3. Guest blogger: Become a guest blogger on reputable websites related to the industry. Make a great impression in front of an established fan base.

4. Online presence: Go where potential customers are and join some social media accounts. First, establish a central hub, aka the official company website.  Free and paid web hosts are available.  From there, join two to five social media accounts.  While Facebook and Twitter are the mainstays, also consider niche sites like YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Quora, and/or Yahoo Answers.  Select the sites where you’ll enjoy sharing and giving information.

5. Google Local: While you’re at it, join web directories and social media business pages like Google Local. These sites attract users looking for contact information, and very likely to contact you for the solution to their dilemma.

6. Social gatherings: Never turn down network events and social gatherings. Schmoozing with professionals gets your business on their radar in case of necessary future endeavors.  Attend as a friend and build lasting professional relationships.  In addition, attend conferences and meetings as a public speaker so the audience can get familiar with you and your expertise.

7. Business Cards: These tiny cards serve as a helpful reminder of the conversation and event to the recipient. Hand out cards to everyone you meet.

8. Sister organizations: Partner up with other companies to sponsor charitable or industry related events. Try not to partner up with a direct competitor.

9. Awards: Similar to winning awards in Hollywood brings recognition to the recipient; an award makes customers notice you. Apply for online industry or charitable awards for a chance to bring prestige to your business.

10. Customer service: The people you touch with good customer service will touch someone else with their referrals and recommendations.  Word of mouth brings new customers.

Never put off online marketing due to financial struggles.  Thanks to this list, you can find ways to promote the company with no money or with a few dollars.  Contact us for more information about small businesses and marketing strategies

Get Inspired with These Local Marketing Ideas

When you’re starting a business, it is often best to think locally instead of globally; targeting a smaller audience will eventually lead to a bigger audience. Collaborate with local marketing services and get creative in how you familiarize people with your product. Here are five ideas to get you started on local marketing.

Advertise with Facebook

Let’s start with this one, because it is available for pretty much any budget. You can use the Facebook algorithm to get as specific as you want with your target audience. The smaller your budget, the more important it is to really consider who will see your ads. Then, let them spread the word.

Host a live event

It does not have to be expensive! Host the event in your home, or at a friend’s home. Take lots of pictures that can float through the social media hemisphere, and ask everyone for business cards so that you can follow-up even if they do not.

Get involved with a charity

There is no better way to get familiar with a community, or to make meaningful connections with individuals, than becoming involved with a charity. And once again, take pictures. If you are actively integrating with the community, it shows that you actually care about the community.


Turn competitors into collaborators. Find a business that has the same target audience, and help each other out through social media, events, and flyers.
The key to successful local marketing is connecting with the community at large and its individuals. If you are interested in learning more marketing strategies, contact us.

Invest in Local Marketing Services to Dominate the Local Competition

If your company relies on local business to succeed, your main focus should be increasing your number of customers by keeping existing ones around and obtaining new ones through various methods.

Diversifying your advertising methods is the key to success, so branching out with local marketing services and targeting multiple avenues to gain exposure to your business will make it easier to succeed.

Target Neighborhood-Specific Keywords

Organic traffic is a reliable source of potential customers, especially when you continuously strengthen your website, thus improving your current rankings or maintaining your top ones. Oftentimes, businesses attempt to target keywords for the city they work in, and while this makes sense, this generally comes with a lot more competition than a new website can handle.

Ideally, targeting neighborhood-specific keywords is the best because it comes with less competition, and since they are highly targeted keywords, they are more likely to result in new business.

Complete Your Google+ Local Page

More likely than not, your business is listed on Google+ Local. With how many online visitors use Google to search for local businesses, you should definitely take the time to fill out your Google+ Local page.

It is imperative to provide accurate information, along with a detailed description. If you are interested in incorporating social media to your local marketing efforts, you should consider upgrading to Google+ Business as this will give you more capabilities on your Google+ page that people see.

Request or Reward for Reviews

Before a person goes out to dinner, makes a purchase, or pays for professional service, looking up reviews can help to ensure they have a positive experience, as opposed to hoping they made the right decision.

In order to make people feel confident and comfortable with using your business, request that your customers write a review online for others to see. Since asking for reviews does not always work, you can provide a financial incentive to write a review, such as with providing a future discount, or even giving a gift card to a previous customer when they write a review and show you.

Local marketing comes in many forms, and each way has its own path to success.

If you want help with your local marketing efforts, contact us today.