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Affordable Marketing Services Can Help You Get More for Your Marketing Dollars

Many business owners make the mistake of trying to handle their own advertising because they think it will save them money. After all, some people think that only big corporations and companies that have a lot of money use professional marketing agencies, but this is not the truth at all. If you find a company that offers affordable marketing services, there is a chance that you can actually save money while making more out of each dollar that you spend on advertising.

First of all, a good marketing agency can talk to you about your business and its individual needs. What works for one company might not be the best choice for marketing your own business, and a marketing pro can talk to you about this. For example, you might currently be wasting some of your time, effort and money on global advertising when you actually only need local marketing. Working with a pro can help you hone in your advertising efforts so that you can see the most results out of each dollar that you spend.

Additionally, a good marketing service will be able to track your results from all of your online marketing campaigns and can then tweak these campaigns. This helps eliminate marketing strategies that don’t work and will allow you to instead focus your time and money on the things that are bringing forth results for you.

Don’t be like many business owners and assume that you can’t afford professional marketing services for your business. Instead, consider the financial benefits — and other benefits — that can come from working with a team of pros. If you would like to find out more, contact us at MaaS Pros today!



Marketing Services: How to Advertise Like a Pro

There is something very scary about a money back guarantee if you own a business. I mean, it seems like the type of thing that could be abused, the type of thing that could end up costing your business a lot of money. However, savvy marketers have been using money back guarantees for years while marketing services, and it has worked out for them. The book 25 Terrifying Reasons Your Website Is Not Successful notes:


The money back guarantee has, obviously, been used by late-night marketers for decades, and the reason is because it works. Although people have been known to return products, and there are occasional unruly customers who exploit such offers to take advantage of free goods, most seasoned business people will confirm that such behavior is the exception and not the rule.


All things considered, people are generally honest, and refund scams are few and far between in the world of business. Additionally, a money back guarantee will give your customers peace of mind when buying your product, and it will almost certainly help your conversion rate. Customers have a big fear of paying for junk, something that doesn’t meet their expectations, and then losing their money, having no chance to remedy the situation. A money back guarantee adds value to your product, as it gives them peace of mind, and allows them to buy your product without thinking as much as they would have to without a money back guarantee.


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Managing Your Offline Reputation

Companies can rely on the internet to fix their online reputation because there is a great deal of DIY advice on how to approach and negate the subject.   Thanks to experienced social media professionals, companies can also rely on marketing services.  Does either resource know about offline reputation management?  Before the internet boom, offline reputation was the only thing to combat – it just didn’t have a name at the time.  Unhappy customers will and still use TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and word of mouth to ruin a company.  Is there a way to combat offline reputation management in the digital age?

Offline reputation is not as simple as hiring a publicist or PR representative to spin the bad press into a positive experience.  Offline reputation management is not waiting for the negativity to die down.  It’s a little more complicated now.  The complication is getting a different defense mechanism.  Businesses need a separate plan to handle this effectively without ruining the brand.  This is the foundation for an organic and positive offline experience.

1. Rely on a stable online reputation.  Perceptive shoppers find information about products and services online before purchasing in person.  If the responses are mostly positive and neutral, the offline reputation is easier to maintain.  Make it a top priority.

2. Emphasize word of mouth.  Before the internet age, word of mouth was the main source of offline management.  It was and still is the reason businesses thrive.   When you get one customer happy, that customer spreads his or her experience to their family and acquaintances.  When their friends or family gets a positive experience from the company, it spreads to their connections.

3. Satisfy your customers.  In order for that one customer to spread the good news, give that customer a reason to say anything.  Offer discounts, sales, freebies, VIP membership deals, and customer appreciation days.  Go out of your way to satisfy every customer from enter to exit.

4. Use old-fashioned methods for measurements.  It’s hard to put a number or a figure on offline reputation because it’s hard to document.  The best documentation for a business is customers due to their unbiased nature.  Ask for customer feedback through hard-copy surveys, polls, and comment cards.  Use the information to improve your services or products.

As online becomes paramount, the offline world isn’t leaving.  As long as we interact in person, there’s a need for offline reputation management.  For more information on online and offline reputation management, contact us.

Get Inbound Marketing Services with Informational, Newsy or Evergreen Content

With all the internet chatter about inbound marketing services, you might be wondering if this is a sure way to increase sales for your business.  It’s true that inbound marketing has become very trendy and it’s also true that it can be quite effective.  However, like everything else, it does require a bit of consistency to yield the types of results you would like it to yield.  Just setting up a website, blog and social media pages doesn’t cut it.  You also have to keep updating them.  To stay on top of your inbound marketing efforts, consider the following tips:

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing.  Traditional marketing methods are all outbound i.e. they involve reaching out to your customer and trying to catch their eye.  With inbound marketing, the customer has already heard about your product or service through a friend or a social media comment.  They’re already looking for you.  So you just need to be prepared for when they get around to doing that search for whatever you’re selling.  You need to have a good website, blog and social media pages so that the customer can find all the information they’re looking for.  At the same time, don’t abandon your outbound methods because they can also help you to generate leads.

Promotional vs. Informational Content.  When you’re practicing outbound marketing, most of your marketing materials are going to be promotional in nature.  This is just the nature of outbound marketing and advertising.  However, when it comes to inbound marketing, keep in mind that you’re content should be informational in nature.  One of the advantages of inbound marketing is that the customer reaches out to you of their own free will.  They don’t feel like they’re being coerced in any way and this inclines them towards buying your product or service.  One way to keep them in this positive frame of mind is to avoid content that reads like a sales pitch.  Instead, just give them all the information they need so that they can make up their own minds.  This will actually help your sales in the long run.

Evergreen vs. Newsy Content.  When you’re adding content to your website, blog or social media pages, you have the option of adding evergreen content which will help your consumer in the long run or newsy content which follows current trends and takes advantage of them.  For example, if Angelina Jolie was recently spotted wearing a black dress similar to something you sell, you could blog about this and receive more hits right away.  This is newsy content but it won’t keep generating hits in the future.  If you want evergreen content, you could go with something like “10 Classic Ways to Wear LBDs” which is not dependent on trends but will always be useful.  Both ways of generating traffic are valid; it just depends on whether you’re looking for something that will help in the short term or the long term.

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3 Tips to Help You Get the Marketing Services You Need

When you’re looking for marketing services on the internet, there are certain things you should keep in mind.  Marketing on the internet is cheaper than marketing via other mediums.  For example, it’s expensive to buy advertising space in a magazine or to pay for a billboard at a busy intersection.  However, it doesn’t cost you anything to set up and keep updating a Facebook page.  You might have to pay something for setting up a website.  However, the cost is minimal.


Short-term vs. Long-Term Results


You can’t expect to start getting immediate results as soon as you set up a web presence.  For some people, this might happen.  You might start a website, a blog and social media pages, and start getting thousands of hits, many of which turn into sales.  However, this is not the case most of the time.  You might go viral immediately or it may take some time for you to establish yourself.  So it’s necessary to be patient and to keep updating your web presence to reflect anything new that’s happening in your company.


Sales vs. Improving Company Image


It’s necessary to convey your needs to the firm that’s providing you marketing services on the internet.  Are you looking to increase sales?  This is often one of the main goals of businesses that go on the internet.  But there are also other businesses who are looking to improve their company image or become thought leaders in their field.  For them, it’s more important to receive critical acclaim.  It doesn’t matter whether that acclaim translates into monetary terms or not.  If you let your marketing firm know what exactly you’re looking for, they can help you to achieve your online goals.


Keeping Your Audience in Mind


You’ll also need to help your marketing firm understand your company image before you develop a web presence.  If your clients are mostly teenagers, you’ll probably want to develop a hip tone.  If your clients are stay at home moms, you’ll need content that appeals to them, such as articles about raising children, fashion, cooking, interior decoration etc.  If your clients are artists, you’ll need to convince them that you’re in the know with regard to the happenings of the art world.  These are all things you can do via your website, as long as you explain your needs to your marketing firm.


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