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Unless Your Landing Page Optimization Pops, You Might as Well Skip the Trade Show

Trade shows are the ways that start-ups and well-established businesses alike compete for the attention of the consumer. At these events, companies make connections, find buyers and retailers for their products, and introduce new services to an interested demographic. But if you have neglected event-specific landing page optimization (LPO), you might as well skip the expo.

Landing pages

 Briefly, landing pages are the gateway to your call to action and as most marketers know, are one of the absolute best ways to collect a number of leads from potential prospects interested in your call to action. Use some of the following tips to effectively incorporate landing pages for trade shows to get the results you want:

Understanding the LPO – Trade Show Connection

The goal of any good LPO is two-fold:

  1. Present expo-related calls to action.
  2. Increase the number of website visitors who convert from leads to buyers.

Since an expo introduces you to purchase-minded consumers, whether they are corporate buyers on the lookout for new product lines or shoppers who are curious about what everyone is presenting, it makes sense to dedicate a landing page to your interactions with this specific group.

Create a unique landing page for every trade show

 Make sure the landing page and call to action are live a few weeks before each conference. Every trade show you attend should be thought of as an entirely new marketing campaign and therefore have its own landing page. There’s also a chance that attendees who may not necessarily know your company at all will come across your website simply because they might be looking for general information about the conference.

Optimize for mobile

There are few worse things than having a hot prospect at your booth be interested in the call to action and try to sign up via their mobile device only to find out it is not mobile friendly. Make sure you also have tablets and/or laptops at your booth where interested attendees can enter their information.

Consider additional calls to action 

 Once a customer has filled out the fields on your landing page to download a free white paper or whatever the offering is, it’s a really good idea to put an additional offer on the “thank you page”, such as a demo or a free trial. This entices them to continue exploring your offerings and gets them deeper into the funnel. Be careful with this tactic; be sure to only have one offering per landing page. You don’t want to confuse or overwhelm your prospects and have them abandon the landing page altogether.

Making Your Expo Experience Count

It is imperative that the landing page devoted to interactions with the trade show audience is live well in advance of the event. Four weeks is ideal. Think through content development with an eye on providing generic trade show information that might bring in web traffic from attendees who just need more details about the event; once they are on your website, they might just interact with your brand, too.

Also, focus your video marketing efforts on this page. A dedicated blog might chronicle how your business is getting ready for the show. Since it is quite common that event attendees will dial up your landing page right from the expo itself, the page has to be optimized for mobile devices. Finally, consider what you want the consumer to do. Sure, you want a buying decision to take place, but perhaps an additional call to action would be the sign-up for your newsletter or a connection on social media.

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Landing Page Optimization: Prevent Your Audience from Navigating Away from Your Page


Landing page optimization is critical for one major reason — it’s the first impression that you’ll have with your audience when they arrive at your website, and it may well be your one and only chance to impress people who are just finding out about your business. The last thing that you want is for people to navigate away from your page quickly upon arrival, so consider these helpful tips for keeping your audience right where they are.

Make Sure it Loads Quickly

Nowadays, people are used to fast internet connections and optimized websites. Many people just don’t have the patience to wait for a page to load. Make sure that you clean up your page, compress your images and take other steps to ensure that your landing page loads quickly and easily.

Grab Their Attention Immediately

If viewers don’t see something that grabs their attention immediately upon arriving at your site, there’s a chance that they will head elsewhere. Make sure that your introduction is “above the fold,” meaning that it should be visible without the viewer having to scroll down. Use attractive logos and exciting text to draw people in, and consider using a video, infographic or other type of visual content.

Get Rid of “Spammy” Content

People are always on the lookout for spams and scams when they are online, so you will want to make sure that your page does not come across this way. Look for any content that might be considered “spammy,” and remove it. Also, check your spelling and grammar to ensure that they are immaculate, since many people look for broken English and grammatical errors when determining whether or not a website is trustworthy.

Include Video on Your Landing Pages

Including video on your landing pages can be very powerful, especially if you’re trying to convey a complex idea without bogging your visitors down with reams of text. Video is also an excellent way to reinforce your overall messaging and branding.

Make Your Landing Page Forms Mobile-Friendly

Ever finished filling out a web form on your mobile device? No? Then expecting your prospects to amounts to lunacy. Mobile ads are so effective because they appeal to consumers’ desire to buy something right now, which means your mobile landing pages – and their forms – need to make it as easy as possible for them to convert while they’re on the go.

Call to Action

In the end, the most important job of a Landing Page is to get visitors to convert — that’s where your call to action (CTA) comes in. Your CTA is a button that visitors click to complete a conversion. They are your final push, your last attempt to convince people to convert. It helps if all the elements on your Landing Page work together to strategically direct visitors to your CTA so, once they get there, they are ready to click. The best performing CTAs boldly stand out – you want your visitors’ eyes to be naturally drawn to the all-important button. Chances are, your CTAs will differ depending on what type of Landing Page you’re using.

Your landing page is your one chance to get people excited about your company and what it has to offer, so make sure that you don’t accidentally encourage viewers to head elsewhere! If you need assistance with your landing page or with any other aspect of online marketing, contact us at MaaS Pros today.


Email is Among the Most Effective Affordable Marketing Services

Entrepreneurs and new start-ups rely on affordable marketing services to grow their businesses without dedicating too much of the advertising budget to promotions. Did you know that email marketing excels at attracting new customers, keeping current ones loyal and saving you money in the process?


Email Marketing by the Numbers

If you have been thinking that email marketing is so yesterday, you are not hip to the latest trends. Entrepreneur Magazine reveals that with a return on investment of 4,300 percent, you have the potential of generating 50 percent more sales with this medium. In addition to being advertising giants, emails also succeed in building relationships with current and prospective customers. Of course, the trick here is to create email-marketing campaigns that consumers want to be a part of. This is where social media comes in.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Over 65% of all emails are opened on a mobile device first. If you don’t optimize your marketing emails for mobile devices, you risk alienating a massive segment of your users. Mobile devices give email marketers an unprecedented opportunity to reach customers anywhere and at any time. You only have about 15 seconds to catch their attention, however, so make sure that your marketing message is clear and quick on its call to action. To ensure your emails are read, analyze the platform and device preferences of your email subscribers regularly to be sure all email creative is mobile-friendly. 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile. Since a poor user experience could mean unopened emails, no click, or plainly put, no ROI, consider testing a responsive email design.

Personalize and Customize Emails

Marketers have more information at their fingertips than they’ve ever had. Use that information to micro-target your customers. Identify specific groups in your subscriber list. When you have a better handle on who these groups are and what makes them tick, use personalization and customization tactics to feed them tailored marketing communications that speak exactly to their needs and desires. A recent study by the Campaign Monitor found that personalization increases open rates by 26%. Personalization can yield transaction rates as much as six times higher.

Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media

For the ultimate one-two punch, it makes sense to combine your email campaign with the social media platform of your choice. Both are affordable marketing services that allow entrepreneurs and start-ups to compete locally and globally. Although there are no hard and fast rules for integration, some methods work almost organically.

For example, simply include a Facebook or Twitter icon in your emails. Encouraging readers to interact with you on social media is invaluable when you need to grow your following. For those already following you on social media, create an email sign-up that lets these folks get your emailed newsletters and special offers. Incentivizing social media sharing of email content is possible with targeted promotions, contests and games.

Continually Optimize Email Strategy

Getting great results requires continuous improvement and iterations on all elements of email. Design and implement a process that optimizes everything in your email marketing strategy. This includes elements like copy, design, calls to action, subject lines, landing pages, frequency, and more. Set up tests for everything, and keep testing. This is the only way to find out what’s really working, what’s harmful, and what’s dead weight. It’s not enough to just test, either. Be ready to implement improvements for your next campaign continuously. This is a process that never ends.

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Landing Page Optimization: What You’re Doing Wrong

Your landing page is one of the most important parts of your website. If people aren’t interested in what they see on the landing page, they might not give your site a chance. Plus, if your landing page is crafted correctly, interested parties should be able to make some type of move from your landing page — even if they don’t purchase products or sign up for services, for example, they should be able to sign up for your newsletter or follow your company on social media.

To make the most out of your landing page, you have to focus on landing page optimization. These are a few things that you might be doing wrong — and a few tips for how to make them right.

The Headline Sucks

Everything starts with the right headline. This is the first thing the visitors sees. It’s your one chance to communicate what you’re about, create curiosity, explain your intentions and lure them in.

You Have No Clear Value Proposition

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason visitors should take action on the page. It’s the most critical piece of the landing page. People will only take action if they understand and want the value that you offer.

Wasting Space (Particularly at the Top of the Page)

Look at what you see when you pull up your website but before you scroll down. If all you see is a big graphic or a long, drawn-out paragraph that doesn’t tell much about your business, you are wasting space. Tone it down and get to the point.

You have too Many offers

The best landing pages focus on a single offer. They’re ultra-specific and ultra-targeted. This will also make your CPC lower, CTR higher and your landing page will have a better conversion rate since you’re bringing targeted people to the page.

Beating Around the Bush

Don’t beat around the bush. You only have a limited amount of space and a limited amount of time to catch attention on your landing page, so make the most out of it. Go ahead and say what you have to say so that you can start bringing in leads.

Your Landing Page Has Irrelevant Stuff on It

Know your goal: what’s the one thing you want people to do on your page? Focus on that thing only, and remove everything that does not directly contribute to people taking action toward that goal.

You Lack Credibility

If you’re offering a solution to my problem, you need to make a case for why you are the right company to solve it. Why should I believe you? What proof do you have? Credibility is very important.

Being Too Spammy

People hate spam on the Internet. Be careful that your site isn’t overly promotional, that it does not have broken English and that it isn’t filled with tons of ads. Otherwise, people will be likely to maneuver away to a site that isn’t as spammy.

It’s Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

Landing pages should be built with mobile users in mind as well. Since responsive design boost mobile conversions, that’s the way to go.

It’s easy to make mistakes with your landing page. If you need help with your landing page or with other ways for marketing your website online, contact us at MaaS Pros to find out what we can do for you.