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Benefits of Combining Standard and Mobile Website Creation

Operating a business is not as simple anymore as setting up shop and gaining business through a service that people want or need. Many individuals make their decision on a company before seeing a business in operation, and this means a business needs to attract their customers beforehand. An excellent way to do this is to provide consumers with a pleasant online experience, and this is where combining standard and mobile website creation can bring incredible success.

Reduced Maintenance

It is more than possible to have a standard website and then a mobile one, but responsive design allows a business to have their website adjust to the needs of any device. Instead of needing a specific design for certain mobile devices, responsive design will do the work automatically, which is extremely beneficial for businesses that are looking to get ahead in their industry.

In the long run, having responsive design allows you to maintain one website, and this means a lot less maintenance on a regular basis as there will be no need to worry about updating multiple websites.

Meet Demands of Consumers

Getting responsive design in mobile website creation is definitely meeting the demands of customers, which will then provide you with a greater chance to gain business from online users. An excellent priority to have is supplying potential customers with the easiest experience in regard to research and analysis. Responsive design and a simple design will help contribute to this cause.

Increase Loading Speeds

When you prioritize responsive design, your website will load quicker for each user. For instance, a mobile user will not have to deal with the frustration of loading an entire website on their tablet or phone, which can take a long time and be difficult to navigate. Additionally, it is ideal for desktop users as they will get to experience websites in their entirety, as opposed to coming across a strictly mobile website that just does not function as well as it should on a desktop computer.

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Maximize Usability with Mobile Website Creation

Mobile sites are much different than desktop sites, mainly because of the accessing devices. It is possible for a lot of content to fit on a monitor hooked up to a desktop, but this is not the case for mobile devices. While smartphones and tablets provide a decent amount of real estate for websites to use, there are still plenty of phones on the market that do not have ample viewing space, and this needs to be accounted for.


Ditch the Non-Essentials


Usability is an important term for mobile website creation. In order to achieve this, you should eliminate everything that is not essential to the point of a particular page. It is important to do this even if it means getting rid of navigation, reducing the number of images, or even eliminating images completely.


Make Sure Visitors Are Directed to the Right Location


When it comes to desktop websites, multiple objectives can be handled on one page. However, this does not generally work for mobile sites due to the lack of space and time that mobile users are willing to invest on any individual page. Not only is it important to maintain a single objective on each page, but you needed to send your visitors to the right place when you have a mobile and desktop site under the same domain.


It only takes a single mistake for a visitor to get sent to your desktop site, which can be problematic for mobile users to navigate. Proper mobile website creation will prevent this from happening.


Proper Design for Mobile Screens


Although there are a wide range of resolutions that desktop monitors have, there is still more than enough space for most websites to state their main points above the fold. Designing for the mobile user means understanding the wide range of resolutions, and the fact that most of these resolutions are quite small.


Avoiding horizontal scrolling, making your site a single column, and minimizing everything compared to your desktop site are great methods that can transition the success of your desktop site to your mobile one.


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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Mobile Website Creation

Today, it is more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to have a mobile website. Many consumers now use mobile devices to access the Internet and complete much of their shopping through this avenue. However, if this is your first mobile website, you may make some serious mistakes that will lose views and make your mobile site ineffective.


No Responsive Design


Every mobile device on the market seems to have a different sized screen. This can create problems with some mobile websites. When you hire someone to complete your mobile web design, you need to make sure they are experienced in responsive design. This method of design allows your website to automatically detect and conform to the device individuals use to access your site to optimize their experience on your site.


Too Much Text or Graphics


Visitors are likely looking for specific information when they access your website on a mobile device. If your mobile website creation uses too much text or graphics, users will have a difficult time viewing your site. They don’t want to wade through large blocks of text to find the information they seek. Too many graphics can also slow down the load times, which will discourage users.


Poor Layout


Layout is important to website design in general, but it is even more important in mobile websites. It is critical to keep the site easy to navigate and to read. Using buttons that are too small will make it difficult for many individuals to get around your site. Difficult navigation will drive visitors away from your site. Once they are gone, they aren’t likely to return


Your mobile website creation is critical to the success of your online presence. If you create your own site or hire an inexperienced company, you may fall victim to these and other mistakes. This is why choosing the right company for the job is so important. When you are ready to take the next step toward creating a mobile website for your business, contact us or download our ebook on Internet marketing. We can help you build a quality website that will drive the quality traffic you desire.


3 Reasons Mobile Website Creation is So Important

You’ve spent significant time and resources on developing and optimizing a company website, but it isn’t bringing in the traffic or conversion rates you desire. The underlying reason may not be your content or keywords; it may be that you’ve overlooked an essential component: mobile website creation. Sites that don’t fit or navigate easily on small screens have a much higher bounce rate, and you don’t want to miss out on a large group of target customers accessing your site on mobile devices.

Mobile Computing Has Exploded

The days of desktop towers, monitors and mouse-clicking are becoming old-school rather quickly. More people are now using tablets and smartphones to access online information by pinching, scrolling and swiping rather than clicking. Your site’s navigation needs some important tweaks for positive user experiences on these devices.

Non-Mobile Websites = Out of Touch

More consumers now form opinions that a company without a mobile website is behind the times. If the business owner is unaware of mobile website creation’s importance, what other customer service practices in the company may be outdated? Having your website optimized for mobile computing will inspire consumer confidence rather than doubt.

Mobile Searching Converts to Mobile Buying

Potential leads that are able to find information on your mobile site quickly are more likely to make purchases. With a couple of taps, they are able to add your products or services to a mobile shopping cart. A cleanly designed, easy-to-navigate mobile website will also increase the chances of buyers recommending your business to their friends or colleagues.

Mobile website creation is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. An old adage of any such strategy is “Go where the customers are.” A good percentage of your potential leads are now on mobile devices, and your site needs to be ready for them to investigate. For more detailed advice on optimizing your site for mobile browsing, contact us today!